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Sir chaitanya group’s Infinity Learn acquires Don’t Memorise for an undisclosed amount

Sir chaitanya group’s Infinity Learn
Sir chaitanya group’s Infinity Learn

Sri Chaitanya group’s edtech start-up Infinity Learn has acquired Don’t Memorise-a concept-based multilingual content platform for an undisclosed amount.

Hyderabad based e-learning providing Startup Infinity Learn was founded in Jan 2021 by Ujjwal Singh.

Infinity Learn Co founder Sushma Boppana said that this acquisition will help in assessing complementarity and strengthening its position in the edtech sector.

Sushma also said, “While the organic growth of continues to be strong for Infinity Learn, inorganic routes including acquisitions, is another pillar for growth and expansion of our . This will help Infinity Learn to increase its lead over its competitors in online edtech space and traditional education institutes.”

Founded in 2013 by Ganesh Pai, Don’t Memorise is a captivating educational videos Company. Mumbai based Don’t Memorise platform focuses on the K-10 segment, specifically for grades 6 to 10, developing high-quality English, Hindi, Marathi, and Bengali content for Maths and Science mainly and it claims to have a subscriber base of around 2.6 million and over 250 million views on YouTube.

“This acquisition establishes content production expertise and complements Infinity Learn’s existing in-house content expertise. The acquisition will also provide additional opportunities for enhanced partnerships with the existing partners.”said, Infinity Learn CEO and president Ujjwal Singh.

Infinity Learn is completely transforming digital learning landscape. Driven by digital first approach and led by industry’s best digital talent, they are on a mission to impact every learner’s life.



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