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[Funding alert] VTION raises $1.3 mn in pre-Series A round

[Funding alert] VTION raises $1.3 mn in pre-Series A round

VTION Digital Analytics, a consumer behaviour intelligence platform, has raised $1.3 million led by YourNest Venture Capital and two other investors.

The startup plans to use the funds to fuel India’s growth by scaling up its ad activation strategy, panel development and target region-specific development initiatives while pursuing global market expansion.

Gurgaon-based VTION was founded in 2018 by Manoj Dawane, It helps firms to analyze consumer behavior and trends data and draw conclusions.

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The company provides a data intelligence platform that protects consumer privacy and rewards consumers for their data contributions.

“Our scalable architecture has made us a strong player within the fast-growing SaaS based digital advertising sector. With over 40,000 strong consumer panel, statistically representing over 195 million Android smartphone users, VTION platform generates more than 20 million unique events every day and is used by marquee brands in India for sharper segmentation and efficient message delivery,” said, Manoj Dawane, founder and CEO of VTION. 

With over 100,000 downloads of their app from the Google Play Store so far, VTION has become a MarTech company, the startup said in a statement. With this funding, the firm has raised about $2 million so far.

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“The dynamics around digital advertising has witnessed huge disruptions over last few years. We find potential in VTION with its privacy first and patent-protected technology stack, especially in the cookie-less world and believe that the platform will be able to corner a disproportionate share of the digital advertising activation market within the next five years,” said, Girish Shivani, executive director and fund manager, YourNest Venture Capital. 

In July 2018, VTION had raised $280,000 in seed funding round from AngelList India.


VTION is a Digital Consumer Behaviour Intelligence Platform that collects its own data on a zero-party basis from an Opt-In, GDPR Compliant, and Paid Panel. Data is collected from Android Smartphones with an SDK/App combination using a method that is patent-granted in India and US.

They have built a panel of 40,000 consumers in India, proportionately representing almost 300 Mn people in India. They get more than 24 Mn lines of data per day from more than 1200 Apps, detailing App Availability, App Usage, Time Spent, and Cross Tabs with other Apps.

VTION helps brands and businesses get accurate insights on App Usage, Content Consumption, Personalization Opportunities, and Activation of select audience segments on Ad Networks via DMPs.



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