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[Funding alert] HaiVE.Tech Secures $1mn in Pre-seed Funding

[Funding alert] HaiVE.Tech Secures $1mn in Pre-seed Funding

AI company HaiVE.Tech has secured a $1 million investment led by IppoPay, a FinTech company. The company will use this funding for its growth. AI innovation and improvement will be created as per demand for multiple industries.

They also recruit new employees and tech experts to expand technology. The company is planning to enter new corporate sectors to expand its business, as per reported by BW Disrupt.

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“We are thrilled to have secured the pre-seed funding. This investment will fuel our mission to provide on-premises AI services, ensuring data privacy and intellectual property control for our clients. At HaiVE, we firmly believe that AI is a game-changer for businesses looking to scale up. Our AI solutions not only ensure complete data privacy and control but also allow our customers to seamlessly integrate their preferred tools. This flexibility, combined with our commitment to delivering exceptional AI capabilities, will drive our growth and establish HaiVE.Tech as the go-to provider for businesses seeking AI-powered solutions.” said, Deepika Loganathan, Co-Founder & CEO, HaiVE.Tech.

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“HaiVE is the game-changer for companies venturing into AI without risking their own competition. Just like a renowned food delivery startup that conquered the market by leveraging service scaling options, HaiVE empowers businesses by accumulating crucial data insights. By understanding the most popular food types in every neighborhood, they cleverly established cloud kitchens and expertly poached talent to offer high-volume products under their own brand. This strategic approach serves as a powerful lesson to any company relying on third-party hosted AI services. As an investor at HaiVE, I confidently endorse their solution for any company desiring AI integration without creating internal competition,” said Mohan K, Founder, and CEO of IppoPay.

HaiVE.Tech has a strategy to cover Indian and cross-border companies like Australia and make them clients. The company already has fintech clients across the world. The companies have hope that HaiVE will fulfill their demand because it is a trustworthy company with no suspicious past records.

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The company is well known for its creative innovation and quality facilities. Companies want better technology to maintain their online deeds without facing any problems.

About HaiVE.Tech

HaiVE thinks that companies should be in charge of their own infrastructure for AI. Adapt AI, protect it on-premises, and dominate your industry while well aware that your own IP is enhancing.

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