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Modernising Ayurveda: This woman entrepreneur is bringing Modernise Ayurvedic medicines to the doorstep | Punam Gupta

Punam Gupta, founder of Immuno Life Pvt. Ltd.
Punam Gupta, founder of Immuno Life Pvt. Ltd.

Isn’t it true that we’ve all been concerned about how we’ll manage our life if we will lose our job?

As if we were watching our life slip away in front of our eyes. We’re thinking about a million things at once. As a result, a state of panic sets in.

It is a true story of Punam Gupta who lost her work in the Covid19 pandemic time but she never lose her hope, even in the darkest times. Even she overcome that situation and started her startup in Ayurvedic medicines. Let’s go through the inspiring journey of a woman entrepreneur.

Punam Gupta, born in 1973, belongs to a middle-class family. She completed her post-graduation along with different diplomas in Computer Science & Food Nutrition, Mass Communication along with Journalism and LLB.

From the last 25 years, Punam Gupta was involved in Food Sector. As she grew up watching her parents doing job for others, she knew the limitations of the field and therefore, she wanted to start her own business.

Her decisions

The hardest decision Punam Gupta took was to start her own computer center aiming to be a successful entrepreneur. She faced lot of challenges and later on covid19 pandemic where sustainability become question for everyone. But in this journey she never led down and started her own Ayurvedic startup, even after knowing that this sector has lot of competitors in the path.

Startup – Immuno Life

Punam Gupta established Immuno Life Pvt. Ltd. in May 2020 in COVID-19 Pandemic to make essential products.

Modernising Ayurveda: This woman entrepreneur is bringing Modernise Ayurvedic medicines to the doorstep | Punam Gupta

During the period of growth, she observed that there is lack of immunity in people and this came up to be a reason for introducing Ayurvedic range like TulsiNasya Inhaler, Tulsi Drops, and AyushKwath in the market. She got an inventive idea to replace chemical inhaler with the Tulsi Inhalers, for Clearing Upper Respiratory Tract. She introduced her innovative product as TulsiNasya Inhaler. It has Basil Oil and Eucalyptus oil enclosed in a tight cotton pack. This product has come up in Boosting Immunity for the prevention of Viral & Bacterial infections of the Upper Respiratory Tract. It also gives relief from Allergy symptoms of Nasal, Lungs, Chest Congestion, Cough and Pratishyaya. The product is convenient to use and carry anywhere, anytime. 

Challenges on the way

One of the most important factors that can easily drive a business to great heights is the family business background which turned out to be a major challenge in the path of Punam Gupta. Apart from this, a middle-class family person needs to have a good financial support to start a business.

Also, it is well known that Immuno Life Pvt. Ltd. is not just the one in its field of Ayurvedic startup; there are several more related startups, so it must be considered a major challenge in boosting her company. To stand apart from others, there is a need of some strong product and TulsiNasya Inhaler is one of a kind.

Motivation factors

Her determination and will power to bring a change in her family was a key factor that pushed her towards starting her own business. She believes that at the end of all, it is our consistent dedication and courage to face the struggle that boosts us in achieving what we had once dreamed of attaining.

Apart from this, the period of COVID was a time that left everyone in reaching a solution that could help our family and friends in prevention against the pandemic and this encouraged her to find a solution that could boost immunity by clearing upper respiratory tract and preventing it from any viral or bacterial attack.


Immuno Life is a completely Bootstrapped startup.


Modernising Ayurveda: This woman entrepreneur is bringing Modernise Ayurvedic medicines to the doorstep | Punam Gupta

Suggestions for young generation

Punam Gupta suggests all the students that one should always be as enthusiastic as a growing child and try to keep learning new thing at any stage of life. Dedication and determination towards our work is a key that will make us different from others. After all, our hard work is the one that will lead us to the success point, so one should never get back from doing hard work as it will pay off in some stage of life.


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