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Apna Godam – Super App for Farmers & Online Mandi

Apna Godam - now mandi at farmer's door, now farmers don't need to go to distant mandis to sell their goods at low prices.

Through Apna Godom E-Mandi, farmers can sell their goods sitting at home anytime.

Apna Godam E-Mandi is a private market notified by the Government of Rajasthan. There the quality of the farmer's crop is first checked.

The price of the crop is fixed on the basis of quality and the crop is bid on it.

In this, not only the traders from nearby but traders from every corner of the country bid for the crops.

On getting a good price, the farmer accepts the bid and the money is deposited in the farmer's account on the same day.

Farmers can also take advantage of the facility of Bhandar Ghar if the price of grains is low.

Farmers can avail loan facility on grain against warehouse receipt.

At Apna Godom e-Mandi, farmers sell their crops by charging the right price for their grains.

This whole process is completed sitting at home only with the help of your mobile.