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Apna Godam - Anaj ki Ola Uber

Apna Godam app is an online selling platform for farmers to sell their agricultural produce.

Online Mandi, Finance, Warehouses, and Logistics are some key features of the app.

Farmers set their own price benchmark to sell and get to choose the best selling price they get from distinctive buyers in India.

Farmers can store their produce in a warehouse and If the price isn't right, they can get the loan.

Farmers can sell warehoused produce later. The app deducts loan and transfers the remaining product amount to the seller's account.

Apna Godam's online processes are convenient with a smartphone.

The nearby Apna Godam agent will come to the seller's location after clicking the sell button.

Thereby, the agent detects the quality of the material, and if the product seems satisfactory, the agent tends to purchase it.

The weight and quantity of the goods are updated on the Apna Godam app.

The agent thereby, transacts the good's amount on the spot through the app to the seller's account.