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Top 10 Leading Chai Startups in India in 2024

Chai Sutta Bar, Teabox, MBA Chai Wala, Chaayos, Chai Point, Chai Thela, THE CHAI WALAH, Udyan Tea, Tpot café, and Chaipatty café are the Top 10 Leading Chai Startups in India in 2024.
Chai Sutta Bar, Teabox, MBA Chai Wala, Chaayos, Chai Point, Chai Thela, THE CHAI WALAH, Udyan Tea, Tpot café, and Chaipatty café are the Top 10 Leading Chai Startups in India in 2024.
Leading Chai Startups in India 2024
Leading Chai Startups in India 2024

In recent years, the startup community has focused its attention on chai, a popular beverage in India. The chai market has seen an increase in the number of startups offering various blends and flavors due to the emergence of fresh and creative ideas. We examine the top 10 Indian tea startup standing out in the market as 2024 approaches. In this post, We’ll talk about the Top 10 Leading Chai Startups in India in 2024.

Here is the the List of Startups in India.

By providing superior quality blends, distinctive flavours, and practical packaging options, these entrepreneurs are redefining the way chai is drunk. These tea based startups, which range from modest local entrepreneurs to large international conglomerates, are altering the chai game in India and opening it up to a larger market. So, let’s examine these top chai businesses in more detail and discover what sets them apart from the competition.

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Several firms have thrived in the tea (chai) market due to its popularity. According to the BBC, India consumes 8,35000 tonnes of tea daily, making it the second largest producer in the world. Despite the proliferation of coffee shops, there were few tea stores, allowing imaginative entrepreneurs to develop profitable tea based startups. Let’s watch some insights into the Top 10 Leading Chai Startups in India in 2024.

The special blend of tea, water, sugar, and milk makes Indian chai popular. The Tea Board of India found that 64% of Indians drink tea and 88% of households do. Tea businesses are growing as India’s tea supply rises to meet demand.

Top 10 Chai Startups in India

Here is the list of the Top 10 Leading Chai Startups in India in 2024.

1. Chai Sutta Bar – No 1 Chaiwala in India

Chai Sutta Bar  -  Chai Startups in India
Chai Sutta Bar – Chai Startups in India

Anubhav Dubey and his friends Anand Nayak and Rahul Patidar launched Chai Sutta Bar, a tea-cafe chain, outside a girls’ dormitory in Indore in 2016. Kulhad started offering tea in the most environmentally friendly method and subsequently introduced varieties like Adrak Chai, Chocolate Chai, Masala Chai, Elaichi Chai, Tulsi Chai, Kesar Chai, etc. After strolling the Indian streets and learning that tea is the world’s second most drunk beverage after water, the three middle-class siblings decided to launch a tea-cafe franchise.

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Chai Sutta Bar’s unique selling point is the use of kulhad, a traditional clay cup, which not only enhances the taste of the tea but is also environmentally friendly. Their menu offers a wide range of tea flavors to choose from, catering to the diverse tastes of their customers. The company has a loyal customer base and is constantly expanding its reach to new cities. The founders believe in serving high-quality tea at an affordable price, which has helped them achieve such remarkable success in a short period.

The company also has a strong online presence, making it easier for customers to order their favorite tea. In addition to tea, Chai Sutta Bar also offers quick bites and snacks, making it a perfect destination for those looking for a break from their hectic routine. With a focus on quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction, Chai Sutta Bar has established itself as a leading tea chain in India. The founders are now planning to take the brand global and establish Chai Sutta Bar as a household name in the tea industry.

2. Teabox – Chai Business Startup

Teabox - Chai Business Startup
Teabox – Chai Business Startup

Teabox, founded by Kausshal Dugarr in 2012, revolutionised tea service in India. The brand’s commitment to supplying garden-fresh tea leaves within 7 days has set a high standard in the industry, and the company’s direct relationship with farmers has eliminated costs and third-party involvement. Ratan Tata, Accel, JAFCO Asia, and Dragoneer Investment Group have funded Teabox’s success.

With teas from over 120 tea plantations in India and Nepal, the brand’s offline expansion, including experiential storefronts in Bengaluru and Mumbai International airport, has increased its reputation and reach. Teabox sells tea from 8,000 to 2 lacking per kilogramme to both novice and expert tea lovers. Contemporary tea ware and distinctive tea gifts, such as a box of Darjeeling teas and a book about Darjeeling, are available in the company’s offline stores.

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Teabox, a tea startup and e-commerce player in India has served over 1 billion cups of tea in 117 countries. Teabox is a global favorite among tea aficionados due to its focus on quality tea and creative tea experiences.

3. MBA Chai Wala – Famous Chai Wala in India

MBA Chai Wala - Famous Chai Wala in India
MBA Chai Wala – Most Famous Chai Wala in India 2024

Prafull Billore, a young entrepreneur from Dhar, Madhya Pradesh, is successful. He became the “MBA Chaiwala” at 25 as a celebrity and youth influencer. After quitting his MBA in Gujarat, he established a tea-selling firm with Rs. 8000 and grew it into a franchise with over 4 Cr in annual revenue. Prafull’s perseverance and enthusiasm for entrepreneurship led him to his current position.

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Prafull plans to open 100 more stores in India by the end of the year, employing at least 500 employees. Prafull, born on January 14, 1996, is the only son of his parents, who always wanted him to acquire an MBA from a top school and a high-paying career. Since infancy, he has wanted achievement and wealth. He earned his B.Com from Devi Ahilyabai University in Indore. In 2016, he came to Gujarat to attend IIM Ahmedabad, but entrepreneurship won out.

4. Chaayos

Chaayos - Indian Tea Startup
Chaayos – Indian Tea Startup

Founded in 2012 by two IIT graduates, Nitin Saluja, and Raghav Verma, Chaayos is a contemporary tea cafe company. The business is well-known for its “Meri Wali Chai” feature, which offers over 80,000 customization possibilities and lets consumers add a variety of add-ons to their drinks. With 190 locations spread across 6 cities and plans to open 100 more by 2022, Chaayos generated about Rs 1,000 crore in sales in the fiscal year 2020.

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Chaayos sounds like a tea-lover’s paradise! The business offers tea in over 1,200 different ways and caters to consumers who like to order it online.Their online ordering system also makes it convenient for customers to explore and indulge in their unique tea creations. With the slogan “experimenting with chai,” Chaayos have quickly gained popularity among tea connoisseurs. It’s always exciting to see businesses pushing boundaries and delighting customers with new and inventive flavors.

5. Chai Point

Chai Point - Chai Business in India
Chai Point – Chai Business in India

Amuleek Singh Bijral started Chai Point in 2010, which is the country’s first tea startup. With more than 100 locations nationwide, it provides hot tea brewed with fresh ingredients to revive working professionals and sells more than 300,000 cups daily. The company reported revenue of 88 crores in the fiscal year 2018, which increased to 190 crores in the fiscal year 2020.

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Harvard Business School alumnus Amuleek Singh Bijral recognised the potential in the Indian tea sector, which generates 911 million kg of tea annually valued at over Rs 33,000 crore. With a total financing of USD 22 million, Chai Point is renowned for its 30-minute hot chai delivery service. Chai Point is one of the top chai business in india, with 16 locations in Delhi and aspirations to expand to Mumbai.

6. Chai Thela

Chai Thela - Most Famous Chai Wala in India
Chai Thela – Most Famous Chai Wala in India

Chai Thela, founded by Pankaj Judge in 2014, has attracted people from different backgrounds with its mix of classic and modern teas. The company’s tea, customer service, and perfect balance of Indian culture and modernity are well-known. The tea shop chain uses eco-friendly materials and reduces plastic waste. Offering the best tea experience has helped the brand build a devoted consumer base.

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The company has promoted Indian tea culture and expanded its product line to include tea bags, sets, and accessories. Social media marketing has helped the company reach more customers. Chai Thela has acquired a household name for tea lovers from its humble origins. Chai Thela will continue to grow by focusing on quality tea, client pleasure, and an unparalleled tea experience.


THE CHAI WALAH - Tea Cafe Brand in India
THE CHAI WALAH – Tea Cafe Brand in India

A high school dropout from Alappuzha named Faisal Yousaf founded his company, The Chai Wallah, after discovering his love for tea while visiting Dubai, Europe, and England. A pop-up chai cart called “The Chai Wallah” offers sanitary cups of freshly brewed tea along with at least 50 different tea, coffee, juice, and snack options at each of its stalls.

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Indian masala chai made with 12 spices sounds absolutely delightful! Each spice would contribute its own unique flavor profile, creating a rich and aromatic beverage. Using spices sourced from various regions of India adds authenticity and depth to the chai.  After working in the food and beverage industry for almost ten years, Faisal has achieved incredible success with his pop-up tea stall, which he modeled after the stalls in England.

8. Udyan Tea

Udyan Tea - Tea Chain in India
Udyan Tea – Tea Chain in India

In Siliguri, a city close to the Darjeeling tea gardens, Soveet Gupta and Parvez Gupta Poddar established the tea consulting business Udyan Tea in 2012. It is a B2B company that provides its clients with tea consultancy services.

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The founders’ passion for tea led to the creation of the business. Due to his knowledge of technology, the founder was able to oversee the business expansion plans. The business is renowned for being the only one offering tea startups in India that provide consultancy services.

9. Tpot café

Tpot café - Tea Startups in India
Tpot café – Tea Startups in India

Tpot, a worldwide tea startup founded in New Delhi, India, employs technology to deliver tea and snacks. Tpot seeks the USD 32 billion Indian tea market. Tpot’s monthly take-out has grown from INR 2 lakh in 2013 to INR 50 lakh in less than four years under CEO Robin Jha.

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Tpot has 21 café-style tea cafes in Delhi NCR serving a choice of freshly brewed teas and snacks. The company’s popularity is due to its high-quality tea, chai, and snacks, particularly its specialty hibiscus tea. Tpot, an India-based chai firm, was founded by a former high-earner.

10. Chaipatty café

Chaipatty café - Tea Entrepreneurs in India
Top 10 Leading Chai Startups in India in 2024 | Chaipatty café

Chirag Yadav, a former electronics and communication specialist and alumnus of Delhi College of Engineering, launched the chai cafe Chaipatty Teafe. Due to a passion for tea and Bangalore’s supportive startup climate, this chai startup was created. Chirag, who has expertise working for MNCs and diverse fields, left his job to follow his love for entrepreneurship and business.

Along with teaching salsa, he also worked as a social media and branding consultant. The concept for Chaipatty Teafe was born at that time, and it swiftly rose to prominence as one of the nation’s most well-known tea businesses.

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The growing popularity of tea in India makes it an attractive opportunity for startups in the food and beverage industry. With the increasing number of startups breaking into the market, starting a chai-based business could potentially be successful. However, it’s important to consider the current competition and market conditions, as well as to develop a well-researched and innovative business plan to stand out and succeed in this industry.

Conclusion – Chai Startups

In conclusion, many new and creative entrepreneurs have grown India’s chai sector. India’s top 10 chai startups demonstrate its potential. These businesses are revolutionising the chai market with their practical packaging and premium blends and flavours. These firms can capitalise on the growing demand for healthier and more diverse chai as customers become more health-conscious. E-commerce helps these firms reach more Indian consumers. It will be fascinating to watch these major chai businesses expand and affect the industry in the coming years.

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This was our selection of the Top 10 Leading Chai Startups in India in 2024. We hope this is useful to you. The order of this list is random.

FAQs – Chai Startup

Which are the Top 10 Leading Chai Startups in India in 2024?

Chai Sutta Bar, Teabox, MBA Chai Wala, Chaayos, Chai Point, Chai Thela, THE CHAI WALAH, Udyan Tea, Tpot café, and Chaipatty café are the Top 10 Leading Chai Startups in India in 2024.

What makes these tea startups stand out from the rest?

These tea startups have a different strategy for production, distribution, and marketing than conventional chai enterprises. Through e-commerce platforms, they are able to reach a larger audience and ensure the greatest quality of their items by utilizing the most recent technology and methods.

How are these tea startups making their products easily accessible to consumers?

These tea startups are using e-commerce platforms and home delivery services to reach a wider audience and make their products easily accessible to consumers.

How are these startups revolutionizing the traditional chai market in India?

These startups are defying convention by providing a greater selection of distinctive flavors and blends as well as practical packaging choices. Through the use of natural and organic ingredients, they are also responding to the growing desire for healthier tea options.

Who is the famous chai Startup in India?

Chai Sutta Bar is the famous chai startup in India.


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