Olivia Deka is a changemaker who advocates for social issues pertaining to Sustainable Development Goals 2030. 

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She is the Founder of She For Change, an organisation that works on fostering entrepreneurial leadership amongst young girls  

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on strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem for Young Women Changemakers to catalyse larger social impact.  

The idea behind her initiative is to help reinforce the belief in the potential of young women  

who can break barriers and change the world when given the right resources, tools, opportunities and network. 

Olivia Deka started her networking and mentoring group in 2018 as a college project

She for Change is a self-funded non-profit venture. “Challenges are always there. 

who now recognizes his as the mindset of a social entrepreneur who had pushed the country towards independence. 

“A social entrepreneur’s job is not to teach a person how to fish, but to revolutionize the entire fishing industry.  

We must strategize every move carefully so that every action can have a ripple effect," she adds.