Jaspreet Singh, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, does mahaul comedy—atmospheric humour.  

There’s a breeziness to his excellent new special Koi Load Nahi that reminds viewers of what comedy really 

comedy will have lofty ambitions that deviate from (or add to) this golden principle 

Sometimes, inadvertently, it ends up being slapworthy. At others, it may feel politically audacious, or even play around with form. 

A carefree effortlessness underpins Jaspreet Singh’s words as he remarks early on: “Jab se naukri chhodi hai, zindagi mein haraamkhoriyaan chhaa rakhi hain.”  

His matter-of-fact delivery sets up a tangential segue into an uproarious section with a battery of quips, throwaways, punchlines.  

For the next few minutes, Singh talks—acting increasingly more animated—about his doorbell, and the many ways it makes his life hell. 

sleeping through the day while his wife goes to work, he’s constantly disturbed by the bell and it’s driving him nuts. 

The writing is masterful, and his casual embrace of self-delusion, escalating farce, and self-deprecation 

The special doesn’t have a clear theme tying everything together.