Gaurav Chaudhary (born 7 May 1991), known professionally as Technical Guruji, is an Indian 

YouTube personality based in the UAE. Chaudhary is notable for producing YouTube videos concerning technology in Hindi. 

In 2020, he was on the Forbes India 30 under 30 list, and have 22 million subscribers on YouTube. 

Chaudhary was born in Ajmer, Rajasthan in a chaudhary family  

Chaudhary launched his YouTube channel "Technical Guruji" in October 2015 

primarily posting advice and product reviews. In 2017, Chaudhary created a second channel, "Gaurav Chaudhary" dedicated to producing content about his personal life. 

In September 2018, Technical Guruji was ranked as the 9th most subscribed to technology YouTube channel. 

One of the biggest tech creators who has an unmatched cosistency of uploading quality material everyday. 

Technical Guruji is the stage name of Indian YouTube star Gaurav Chaudhary, who was born on May 7, 1991, and currently resides in the UAE. 

Chaudhary is well known for his Hindi-language technology-related YouTube videos.