Naved Shaikh born 10 August 1993, better known by his stage name Naezy, is an Indian rapper from Mumbai, Maharashtra 

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He made his film debut with the hit song "Birju" from the 2015 film Hey Bro, the music video for which featured celebrated Bollywood actors  

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Naved Shaikh was born 10 August 1993 in Kurla, Mumbai, India. His father is Shaid Raza and mother Farhin Fatma 

He grew up in a tenement for the impoverished working class called Ram Bachan Chawl, located in the neighbourhood of Kurla, Mumbai. 

He was raised as a troubled child mostly by his mother as his father was employed overseas. 

After a run-in with the law as a juvenile he directed his energies in creative expression of his and others' life struggles. 

He completed his T.Y.BSC from Guru Nanak Khalsa College, Matunga, where he met his rapper friend Neykhil Naik aka NCube  

He has faced issues convincing his family about his rap career, which was one reason he left the underground rap scene in 2018.  

Another reason he took this hiatus was to get away from the pressures of becoming more famous. 

The hiatus, however, made him realize his passion for rap music.