Debasshish Ghosh and Dharmesh Jain completed the world ride and returned to India in just 9 months. 

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The two guys Debasshish Ghosh and his close friend Dharmesh Jain aka DJ had, started their world ride last year on Jun 11, 2017.  

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They returned to India on Mar 14, 2018, finishing the world ride in just about 9 months. 

Both the riders are close friends, and both of them chose the BMW 1200 GS for the world ride

Debasshish Ghosh from Mumbai and Dharmendra Jain from Indore are in their late 40s.  

Thus, it proves that age is just a number on the paper without any value.  

Debasshish’s first international ride was to Nepal & Bhutan. 

When planning a trip, Jasminder reaches out to sponsors with a full-proof plan and deliverables. 

Incidentally, Debasshish Ghosh also became the first Indian YouTuber & Motovlogger 

Motovlogger to meet the sitting Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, when he met the PM before the world ride began.