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Simpliv Learning – A Digital Learning Edtech Startup

Simpliv Learning - A Digital Learning Edtech Startup

Simpliv Learning – What it is

Simpliv Learning is a global online learning marketplace with the widest range of professional online courses. Simpliv learning is transforming the internet platform into dynamic web-based learning and teaching environment for a range of students and institutions through online course delivery by the most competent instructors and mentors. The mentors and instructors are all professionals and with their excellence they make sure that every student performs at the best.

Simpliv understands the changing needs and allows the global learners to evaluate their technical abilities by aligning the learnings to key business objectives in order to fill the skills gaps that exist in various business areas including IT, Marketing, Business Development, and much more.

Startup Insight: Simpliv Learning – A Platform for Online Learning & Teaching

Simpliv is affordable to all students due to its online learning platform. This platform also eliminates the complex method of learning and replaces it with E-learning. Nowadays, every student is familiar with the internet world, and for them, E-learning is the best way to obtain an education.

Simpliv Learning – Startup Insight

Startup NameSimpliv Learning
FounderShahanshah Manzoor

Simpliv Learning – Features

  • Extensive library of courses: Simpliv learning offers over 25000 online training programs that cover almost every subject beginning with the trending technologies to life coaching and yoga.
  • Suitable for all the levels expertise: Simpliv learning platform offers courses that are suitable for people with various levels of expertise in the domain, i.e., beginner, intermediate and expert.
  • Multiple options for one subject: There isn’t just one course on a particular subject. In fact, there are plenty. Every subject has various courses keeping different domain requirements, skill requirements, and expertise levels in mind.
  • Expert instructor: The trainers, instructors or authors are industry experts who are delivering lectures in popular universities, or are highly experienced people working for top-notch companies, or are career coaches helping learners get on their career paths.
  • Practical illustration: The training programs are not only about providing hands-on experience through case studies, exercises, and real-world examples to illustrate the lectures.

Simpliv Learning – Founder Overview

Shahanshah Manzoor founder of Simpliv Learning
Shahanshah Manzoor founder of Simpliv Learning

Shahanshah Manzoor is an entrepreneur from more than 15 years. He is mainly concerned with the technology training to organisations.

Shahanshah is now the founder of Simpliv LLC. Some of his key offerings are Virtual classroom Trainings and Self-Paced Online courses in E-learning etc.

Every Entrepreneur has a story and reason behind starting a business. ShahanshahManzoor also had a reason behind this E-learning platform. When all the businesses were dropping down due to covid-19, he found a way to sustain and create opportunity from it. He became a problem solver to every student by not letting down the education system hampered and maintained to provide the best education system even in such tough time.

Simpliv Learning – Mission & Vision

Mission: In today’s competitive market, Team Simpliv Learning thinks that professionally created and expertly executed online courses can be the game changer. People learn best in a dynamic environment, which Simpliv Learning takes into account, and the greater educational landscape is always changing over time. As a worldwide education community partner, Simpliv learning aims to help students succeed by using knowledge of professional teachers and cutting edge technology.

Vision: The vision of Simpliv learning is to improve the learning and teaching experience in order to maximize the potential of the students. Simpliv Learning accomplishes this by providing easy access to professional online courses and by linking students with specialized instructors. Simpliv learning’s objective is to support curious learners, educators, and institutions thrive in an ever-changing and competitive environment while also excelling the areas in which they have a particular passion and expertise.

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Simpliv Learning – Pricing

Simpliv learning offers freemium subscriptions with paid plans starting from $2.99/month. This means Simpliv learning is offering a free-forever plan that isn’t time limited, as well as paid subscription.

Main software

Pricing model: Freemium, from $2.99/month, Credit card required: No

Simpliv Learning – Courses

Simpliv covers and provides online courses for a range of industries and business professionals including the topics:

  • Development
  • IT and Software
  • Marketing
  • Professional Development
  • Computer Programming Languages
  • Manufacturing and design
  • Information and Cyber Security
  • Web graphics
  • Web video
  • Web Conferencing and much more

Simpliv Learning – Website navigation

Simpliv Learning is very user-friendly and an easier option for the learners. The learners can browse through self- paced, Virtual classrooms, and Course bundles without having to search for it on the website. Give it a glance.

This is not only is a time-saving option, but also allows learners to find the right kind of courses without having to go for a sitemap.

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Simpliv Learning – Competitors

Competitors is always a key factor in innovation and better quality of service. Simpliv learning also having many competitors in online education sector. They are taking this as an opportunity and always try to provide better education and services to their customers. Some of the key competitors are:

  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • Edureka
  • Linkedin learning
  • edx
  • CodeAcademy

Simpliv Learning – Revenue and Growth

Revenue: Double digit in millions

Growth: 1000% growth in 1st quarter of 2022

The initial stage of every business starts with a low graph in every way like employees, revenue etc. Simpliv also went through every initial stage of business in the sector of employees it just started with about 10 employees and today it is a strong team of about 80+ employees in it. Every employee is trained professionally and has skills to give their best to the company. Startup started with single digit million and today its annual revenue is triple digital million per year with this, we can overview the revenue structure is increasing at a good pace.

Simpliv Learning – Future Plans

Simpliv Learning aim to scale up the company globally in the next few years and become one of the best market leaders in E-learning industry.

“Our aims are just the opportunities we are looking ahead to provide it to every student.”

Simpliv Learning – Advantages

  • Complete technical and academic assistance: We have a dedicated team of trained and subject matter experts for every course and certification program for any kind of academic and technical assistance required.
  • Easy accessibility: One of the advantages of our online courses and certification programs is the easy accessibility and inclusion of the mobile learning through various IOS and Android apps available
  • Inclusiveness: We believe in providing on all-inclusive experience with high-quality and professionally designed online course for a diverse global audience including the subtitles in various languages.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is Simpliv Learning?

Simpliv learning is a global online learning marketplace with the widest range of professional online courses. Simpliv learning is an online education company which is transforming the internet platform into dynamic web-based learning and teaching environment for a range of students and institutions through online course delivery by the most competent instructors and mentors.

Who is the founder of Simpliv learning?

Shahanshah Manzoor is the founder of Simpliv Learning.

What is Simpliv Learning business model?

The business model of Simpliv learning is B2C and, Simpliv learning is planning for B2B as well.

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