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Rayna Tours: Turning your Passion into Reality

Rayna Tours: Turning your Passion into Reality
Rayna Tours: Turning your Passion into Reality
Rayna Tours, which pursued its passion for excellence and became one of the most sought-after travel management companies in the UAE

Tourism and destination management have been extremely popular and ever-growing markets in today’s dynamic business world. With an increasingly growing population, people look forward to unwinding themselves through reimagining and redefining travel experiences. As a result, travel and tourism companies are making their way up the business ladder to provide simple and straightforward booking process with plenty of personalized and memorable travel experiences. One company that has helped redefine travel experiences is Rayna Tours, which pursued its passion for excellence and became one of the most sought-after travel management companies in the UAE.

Where it all started?

Manoj Tulsani, Rayna Group’s founder, is a commerce graduate from the University of Mumbai and worked as a marketing head with Time Machine Group of Companies in his twenties. Despite great fame and acknowledgment in his already successful marketing career, he felt that his career had entered a lane he didn’t want to pass through. Of course, there were insecurities about leaving a stable and comfortable job, but risk-takers are often rewarded with their appetite if fuelled with the right passion and dedication, and so was Manoj, who was intrigued by his passion for traveling and forming new experiences by connecting with people and diverse cultures.

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Together with his dearest friend, Kamlesh Ramchandani, they switched to their passions from their respective professions and kick-started the eventful journey of Rayna Tours in 2006 from a small counter in Dubai’s Flora Grand Hotel. The decision to open Rayna Tours was spontaneous, but it needed a conclusive strategic business plan to sustain itself in the dynamic market conditions.

The Monumental Journey

Like all successful companies, Rayna Tours went through breakthrough challenges during its eventful journey. However, one of the primary reasons why Rayna Tours has survived the tough market conditions is that they have continuously maintained their core focus to bridge the gap between their clients’ travel requirements and tastes without hampering their experiences. They feel that experiences are what the clients will remember at the end of the day and form the core of a loyal customer base.

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They also blended many things, like using a killer concept, their willingness to learn from and not repeat their mistakes, and a competent and value-driven team at the right time. All of these gave them a substantial edge over their competitors. Starting off with literally two employees, Rayna Tours today employs 500+ employees with branches all over the globe.

Rayna Tours’ mission has been customer-centric from the beginning, keeping in mind the requirements and tastes of all global customers. With a diversified portfolio of specialized expertise in building bespoke experiences, they helped realize their clients’ travel dreams and turn them into reality through reimagined travel packages. Rayna Tours has also helped its agents and operators grow and increase business profitability with their exclusive B2B portal.

Rayna Tours was smart in making the first move with their killer concept, analyzing the competition in detail, understanding the key market challenges, and learning valuable lessons from their failures. In addition, they sustained their core business idea with their creative team’s out-of-the-box and innovative ideas.

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Rayna Tours soon became one of the region’s leading and preferred destination management companies within three years of its inception. They have never looked back since their roaring success, as they continue to drive their business forward and acquire customers with innovative and ingenious ideas. The advent of online setups has expanded and catered to a larger audience. Rayna Tours’ website and B2B portal have helped create a great online presence and help their guests get exclusive content, discount, and promotion to keep their audiences engaged.

Technoheaven Consultancy, an in-house facility, specializes in ensuring the right customer satisfaction and an updated technical inventory to match the requirements and tastes of its customers in today’s dynamic business environment.

Following its great success in the UAE region and India, it ventured into international markets by opening 15 more branches in different corners of the globe, like Malaysia, Cape Town, Thailand, Singapore, and Turkey. In addition, Rayna Tours has diversified its business by opening new ventures in real estate and construction with its sister company, Raasha Real Estate and KNR Transport.

Leadership Team

Today, apart from Manoj as the company’s CEO, the leadership team also consists of Mr. Yasser Noman, Group Executive Chairman, and Mr. Himanshu Laul, Managing Director. They have played a critical role in ensuring the company is given the right direction at the right time for sustaining its position among the leading destination management companies in the travel and tourism market.

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Awards & Recognition

In its pursuit of business excellence and customer satisfaction, Rayna Tours has introduced several value-driven packages and experiences that have allowed it to bag several awards and recognition along its journey. Some of the most distinguished ones on the list are:

  • Certificate of Appreciation from Yas Island in 2013 & 2014
  • TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellencein 2016
  • Best Performer Award from Yas Waterworld & Ferrari World in 2017
  • Arabian Travel Awards for the Best B2B Travel Portal and Best Destination Management Company in 2018
  • Trip Advisor Travelers’ Choice Award in 2020 and 2021

Key milestones

  • Rayna Tours opened its doors in the travel business through a humble beginning in Dubai’s Flora Grand Hotel in 2006.
  • It opened 15 more outlets globally in its first two years since its launch and became one of the region’s most sought-after travel management companies.
  • Rayna Tours achieves greater business success through its visionary leadership, creative and dedicated team, and perseverance towards customer excellence. Wins several awards and recognitions on their way.
  • Rayna Tours shifted its headquarters in 2019 to a bigger facility owing to its successful business and the ever-growing demand of its customer base at the ACICO Business Park Building, in Deira.
  • Rayna Tours diversifies its business into other ventures like construction and real estate.
  • Rayna Tours, in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Government’s Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT), launched the Abu Dhabi sightseeing pass, also known as the “My Abu Dhabi Pass,” popular among the locals that provide great savings and discount on overseeing the significant attractions in Abu Dhabi.

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The success story of Rayna Tours is truly inspiring, as they have garnered strength from their failures to move ahead. One critical lesson from Rayna Tours’ business journey is that failure is always an opportunity to correct and learn but never to stop moving ahead. A successful business is obviously driven by a fascinating idea, a creative and innovative team, and big investments in both time and money, but the zeal to achieve excellence will eventually be the core concept for you to achieve unimaginable feats in today’s dynamic market.


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