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This woman entrepreneur has launched a Talent sourcing platform for hospitality Industry | Nisha K. | PixieJob

This woman entrepreneur has launched a Talent sourcing platform for hospitality Industry | Nisha koul | PixieJob
This woman entrepreneur has launched a Talent sourcing platform for hospitality Industry | Nisha koul | PixieJob
Nisha K., founder & CEO – PixieJob

With over 7 years’ experience in client engagement & talent sourcing roles, Nisha K. always believes “hiring the right talent is critical and her biggest inspiration” 

As the Founder & CEO of PixieJob, she drives strategic solutions in talent sourcing & requirement process for the hospitality industry.

Growing in a small town in Jabalpur M.P, with a supportive environment from her parents that encouraged extensive reading and independence. They didn’t expect her to pursue a career merely based on convenience.  

Nisha’s parents kept her interests in mind and let her explore the path she wanted to choose.

Right from high school, she found mathematics and physics really fascinating. She vividly remembers a distinct period when her inclination towards math suddenly increased. It just made sense to Nisha. She like how math and physics are based on rules and logic that, when followed correctly, lead you to the right answer.

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Startup Journey

After completing a bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and communication in 2015, Nisha moved to Mumbai. She briefly worked in a Mumbai-based BPO, after a year she moved back to her hometown and decided to work for a government entity and started working towards it. While preparing for the same she opted to work for a Software based company in Delhi Satoop Media as a project manager, wherein she was handling different stature of work which included meeting and discussing the product with the CEOs of cantonments and assisting them with software demos.

After a year she decided to create her own venture and moved to Mumbai again. She started an organisation called Pixie Dust Cleaners Pvt. Ltd. In this she thought to provide maid service and housekeeping services in both commercial and residential settings. The services boomed at the beginning but due to the competition and logistical difficulties the company had to shut the doors.

This phase in her life was considered to be of challenges and she had a choice to make whether to continue the path of entrepreneurship or just lead a normal life working a 9-5 pm job.

When the time arrived to choose her path she took a leap of faith and did what she always wanted to pursue and that is creating something of her own. Her prior experience with handling clients and convincing candidates for jobs paid a huge role in convincing her to do something out of the box and she held her nerve to start a Recruitment firm.

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After a good amount of research and analysis in the recruitment industry, she started as a Lone Ranger and paid visits to At Least 10-15 hotels and restaurants in the vicinity and helped them with their recruitment needs.

3 months her elder sister and her inspiration Neha Sharma shook hands with her and decided to assist her with this new venture. Later on, her good friend and long-time work colleague  Abhishek joined her in the startup journey. Together they decided to explore recruitment opportunities in the hospitality industry.


PixieJob is an industry-backed staffing and employment platform for the hospitality sector. PixieJob is a talent sourcing, rapid skill development company that provides access to full-time and on-demand workers across the hospitality Industry. The company has built a proprietary online and hospitality courses, a platform for financial inclusion and a vertical recruiter network to source potential candidates from across India. PixieJob has partnered with the governing bodies of the hospitality industry to become an industry driven solution for staffing across restaurants, hotels, and the tourism industry.

PixieJob Website Dashboard

PixieJob has individual service plans 3-month services and subscription services that are customised to the client’s need, and short courses for hotel management.  A large part of design like creating a menu for clients, who needs something special menu for their restaurant and also providing staff according to that menu. 

PixieJob is now a part of so many Hotels, Restaurants, and cafes. They have also tie-ups with hotel management colleges.  

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PixieJob Team

Team size has grown significantly over the years. As a startup, Pixie Jobs was very lean for the first couple of years, but now team size also expanded as they grew. Now, the strength of staff is about 50 people on-site and 100+ work-from-home women.  

Hiring the right kind of people is critical because ultimately a lot depends on teamwork and collaboration. She has realised that hiring right is 80 percent of the solution. It is more important to have the right attitude and a solution-oriented mind-set than to have specific skills, as these skills can be picked up quickly and easily over time. Eventually, it is your attitude and orientation that will drive innovation and growth.

Women Empowerment

The pandemic has shown that remote work is viable, and Nisha believed that this will help her in attracting more women to work jobs at home. But of course, it is also important to retain women. Getting rid of gender disparity in our work culture can go a long way but we need practical solutions that acknowledge the specific issues that women face, the extra burden they carry with respect to family duties, and sometimes safety worries related to urban commutes. But she also thinks talking about and showcasing women leaders will encourage more women to continue and aim for leadership roles themselves.

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For her, it was ought to be a complex issue. The most important reasons include the disproportionate burden on women in terms of supporting family needs (the care of elderly parents or young children) and the existing wage disparity between males and females, which can act as a disincentive for women. Keeping this in mind, Pixie Jobs continues on providing support to women by aiding them with Work from Home opportunities with a sense of mentoring and grooming women to be the leaders of tomorrow.

“Most of the time, opportunities are closer to us than we expect them to be. But if we don’t look for them, we will never discover them, right?

Building a solid network and making the most out of our resources to grow is the way forward for everyone, especially women. Networking can help us discover better opportunities. It can help you identify new jobs, find investors to start your own business, meet new clients, etc.”

Challenges & Success

As a founder with no prior start-up experience, Nisha’s biggest success has been the growth of PixieJob. She had to learn so much about everything – training models, content creation, technology, and platforms so much more. It has been a rewarding experience she think the biggest challenge has been managing the free advice, expectations, and gloom-and-doom predictions about her start-up idea and the path she has taken since then.

Many times it has been meant well, but she has learnt to be objective about it and not to get too distracted or swayed. It’s important to be clear and focused on what you want to achieve, and how you want to achieve it, and if that generates value for your customers – then you should have confidence in your vision.


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