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Ishu Shiva | Social Entrepreneur at Sanitree | Reusable & Biodegradable Sanitary Pads for Women

Ishu Shiva, Founding Member and Managing Director of Sanitree (India)
Ishu Shiva, Founding Member and Managing Director of Sanitree (India)

In today’s world, the use of sanitary pads during menstrual flow has always been considered a boon for women.

However, a little research in this direction raises the question of sanitary pads being a boon or a bane?

The main raw materials used today for sanitary pads are mainly made from rayon (which is often considered as artificial celluloses), non-woven fabric, paper pulp, and a combination of these materials. One estimate is that pads are made of up to 90% plastic – another is that a pack of menstrual pads is equivalent to 4 plastic bags.

Very few people know about the fact that plastic used in the manufacture of sanitary pads is very harmful to intimate health as well as leads to environmental degradation.

If we talk about menstrual hygiene products, then their use is increasing every year, which is causing great harm to the environment. Even a single sanitary pad could take 500-800 years to decompose as the plastic used is non-biodegradable and can lead to health and environmental hazards.

To eliminate this problem from the world, Ishu Shiva started an initiative named Sanitree. Ishu belongs from Jaipur, Rajasthan and is currently a part of the healthcare industry. Sanitree — in which they manufacture reusable pads. The pad is made from a top layer of soft, black, stain-camouflaging organic brushed cotton, five layers of ultra thin but super absorbent organic brushed cotton, and a base layer of biodegradable and waterproof polyurethane laminate to prevent any leaks.

Sanitree is also planning to give employment to women over the next year and apart from this their focus to make more and more eco-friendly products that are reusable, and affordable as well.

Ishu Shiva || Sanitree’s mission is to work in a sustainable, collaborative, and ethical way

Being a multi-talented personality she is not only holding the post of visionary social entrepreneur of Sanitree’s production and community outreach activities from Jaipur, India but also she is a qualified yoga teacher and also the co-founder of Jeevan arth foundation, a Rajasthan based NGO.

In 2018 JEEVAN ARTH FOUNDATION and SANITREE collaborated and the result of their amalgamation was a community cooperative of women in Jagatpura, Jaipur. This initiative was joined by 22 women from different backgrounds who helped in the production of reusable pads.

With her indomitable spirit and dedication, Ishu Shiva solely managed the Jaipur centric India operations of Sanitree, As she successfully copes up with all the challenges which she came through, she was upgraded to the position of director of the social enterprise in February 2020.

Recently, Ishu Shiva has been a part of the project “her and now’s” entrepreneurship support programme in Rajasthan in 2020. This project is running in alliance with Startup Oasis.

Ishu Shiva Sanitree
Ishu Shiva

Sanitree, helps us to keep environment safe from the harm caused by the non-biodegradable menstrual products and also good for the menstrual hygiene of women.

We appreciate this initiative by Ishu Shiva which will bring a big change in our society.

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