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Clean Cat | A laundry startup aimed to fulfill needs of regular & commercial washing

Laundry is an unorganized industry in India which historically carries a Mom & Pop shop tag which doesn’t necessarily spell opportunity when one is planning to start a new business. In addition, it is often perceived to be an expensive affair and standard operations offer pick-up & delivery services only. On the other hand, commercial laundry services for Hospitals comes with an unique challenge of delivery of fresh clean clothes within the specific time slot. “When the three of us, Indranil, Subhadeep and I (Sayan Som) were discussing ideas, we all agreed that this segment has been under-served yet is integral to almost everyone’s daily life. It has with it, like any industry, its set of unique challenges and yet there were very limited branded service providers which can provide a complete satisfactory experience. We decided to work on the basic premise of providing efficient & organized laundry services (Clean Cat) to every neighborhood & hospitals. It allows us to plan for a future where laundry services are readily available to everyone”.

Clean Cat was founded in January 2020 by three people – Sayan Som , Indranil Marick and Subhadeep Chatterjee. All of them have been friends together since school and decided to start their first business venture together. Their operations commenced from JAN 2020 with 6 employees and as of April 2021 Clean Cat have 14 employees at their central laundry unit. Clean Cat has successfully survived the lockdown of 2020 and has continued its services to the laundry needs of the Hospitals.

Presently Clean Cat caters to laundry needs of 14 hospitals and almost 700 retail individual customers.

Clean Cat customers today have both preferences, to shop online and offline, which is very similar to how they buy online as walk into retail stores to make purchases. Like any business that needs to be accessible by everyone, Clean Cat model incorporates both channels online and offline. For example, customers using Clean Cat neighborhood (local shops in the neighborhoods) and Clean Cat housing (residents of housing complexes) are using offline channels to book services and all customers who use Clean Cat Corporate services, book through APP only. Clean Cat application currently available on Google play store, and in a process to launch Application at Apple store in the next few months and in addition create a partner app for partners network as well.

Sayan Som - Co Founder & Director, Subhadeep Chatterjee- Co Founder, Indranil Marick - Co Founder | Clean Cat
Sayan Som – Co Founder & Director, Subhadeep Chatterjee- Co Founder, Indranil Marick – Co Founder

The Government has been extremely encouraging with their STANDUP INDIA Forum and Clean Cat are listed under the same. The criteria required to be enlisted requires the proposal/project to be unique in nature when defining the services, impact and overall vision. Clean Cat was able to successfully meet the criteria and business model was approved by Indian Overseas Bank and have received collateral free loan support from the Govt. of India which primarily means that Govt. of India has provided the guarantee to the bank on Clean Cat behalf, to finance the project. STANDUP INDIA forum provides lots of other benefits.

Clean Cat have plans to set up our operations at Siliguri, Bhubaneswar, Delhi and Mumbai in the next 2 years. It will be a mix of tier & metro cities and not restricted to any type.

Clean Cat major expansion plan focuses on commercial laundry of Hospitals and Airlines.

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