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How VehicleCare is Revolutionizing the Car Care Market With 250+ Service Centers across the India

In a world where one can be inundated with options for anything, it is quite difficult to find the right type of service without doing some digging. Such is the case with a car service. Recent years have witnessed a paradigm shift, with most people choosing a multi-brand car service over the unnecessarily overpriced authorized centers. But this has raised an analogous problem. The advent of numerous multi-brand services has brought lowered prices, though certain workshops have not been able to live up to the quality standards.

Arvind Verma accidentally scratched his friend’s car, he expected to be able to find a good body repair shop at affordable price quickly. He wasn’t, and the idea for VehicleCare startup was born. He thought how many people supposed to face the same problem every day. He discussed the idea with his co-founder Amit and he was excited about the concept. After that Arvind Verma, Amit Kumar, and Alok Srivastava started VehicleCare – A network of tech enabled garages. A company that is forged on the idea of quality, reliability, affordability, sustainability the four pillars that undergird their business model. VehicleCare is a Gurgaon based company with a strong network of 250+ workshops that spans across India.

VehicleCare founders Alok Srivastava, Amit Kumar & Arvind Verma

VehicleCare customers can avail services like car cleaning, repair, service & accidental claims and also can choose their convenient mode of payment only when the job is done.  The company is also in the process of developing and launching their mobile app which will bring greater levels of convenience to car owners. The app will incorporate easy booking procedure and on location pickup coupled with real time updates on service details.

VehicleCare also forms a team qualified professional in the industry to guide car owner in any queries they might have. Serving executive and mechanics are available 24×7 to provide live updates on their app and redress any customer disputes. VehicleCare startup currently working with esteemed partners from the industry and some of the notable partners are (Liberty General Insurance, Shriram General Insurance, Coverfox, Renewbuy, Insurancedekho, Turtlemint,NAVI general Insurance, Cars24, OLX Autos, Spinny & many more).

Even with pandemic and lockdown, VehicleCare claims to be servicing more than 150 cars a day. Their network is getting stronger by the day with new workshop owners showing interest in their noble idea and with a team of over 300 mechanics they are also attempting to venture into doorstep services.It is present in 20 cities, including Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Jaipur.

According to Arvind Verma, Co-founder of VehicleCare – In five years, firm plan to expand on a full-stack workshop network model, where you can find a VehicleCare Service Centre, within a 5 km radius in every Tier I and II city. This will change the ecosystem in which car maintenance and service is handled and position us in a segment where VehicleCare can embrace the future of electric cars.

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