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Two Young Entrepreneurs bridging gap between Web2 to Web3🚀 | Threeway.Studio

Two Young Entrepreneurs bridging gap between Web2 to Web3🚀 | Threeway.Studio
Two Young Entrepreneurs bridging gap between Web2 to Web3🚀 | Threeway.Studio

As the world is pacing up into the Web3 space, we are excited to explore the world of Blockchain, cryptocurrency and the Metaverse. With Threeway Studio’s Co-Founders having a wealth of experience in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency fields, they are now turning their attention to the Metaverse – the virtual world that is becoming increasingly popular among gamers and digital enthusiasts.

“We believe, we are certainly at the forefront of the Web3 revolution for years to come. We welcome everyone, ranging from developers to entrepreneurs or enthusiastic people in this domain who are constantly looking forward to exploring the possibilities of Web3. We deal mostly with B2B and help startups and ventures transit into Web3, providing them with an end-to-end solution from ideation to execution and taking it towards completion, along with helping them with funding for the product built by us. Threeway.Studio is the World’s leading comprehensive Blockchain solution company. Our expertise in BaaS & GaaS (Blockchain & Growth as a Service) empowers us to deliver cutting-edge solutions & to help our clientele achieve new heights.

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For the past few years, our team of decentralised digeratis has been working day in and day out to facilitate individuals and businesses’ effortless transition from the traditional Web2 framework and structure to the pioneering Web3 paradigm.

Having helped 15+ visionary clients across all the digital domains in curating and administering remarkable Web3 products, we aim to keep facilitating digital transformation in the exciting world of Metaverse and beyond.” say the Co-Founders of Threeway.Studio

The germs of the entrepreneurial idea behind Threeway Studio can be traced back to the founder’s simultaneous internships and hustle at multiple companies across distinct domains.

Utkarsh gained insight into himself and discovered that entrepreneurship is his true passion. He reached out to senior college students and has been working tirelessly on his startup with co-founder Pranshul Saxena since their final year in college. In line with their values, Utkarsh, Pranshul, and Threeway take pride in being at the forefront of technological advancements. They spare no effort in their pursuit of success, consistently pushing themselves to go the extra mile, even if it means working harder.

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Utkarsh & Pranshul characterise Threeway Studios as a leading entity in the transition from Web2 to Web3. “Our blockchain-based platform seeks to empower individuals and businesses to take charge of their online data and interactions, ensuring privacy,” he explains. Additionally, they provide a variety of services, including Blockchain integration, smart contract development, auditing identity verification, and data analytics. These offerings are intended to assist users in safeguarding and monetizing their data while also providing companies with valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences through community management. They offer a comprehensive Web3 solution, having successfully completed numerous projects such as NFT marketplaces and Metaverse projects and boasting a global client base.

Utkarsh and Pranshul’s dynamic childhood journey closely mirrors the dynamic nature of Threeway Studios and their areas of operation in Web3 and Blockchain. Originally from Bihar’s Muzaffarpur, Utkarsh currently resides in Jabalpur and Pranshul in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. However, they are incredibly active and frequently travel to different cities to raise awareness about Web3 and Blockchain and to deliver guest lectures on emerging technologies.

Hailing from Tier-2 cities, they were no strangers to the hardships and challenges of life. However, their enthusiasm remained unwavering, as evidenced by their participation in Under25, India’s largest youth platform. Utkarsh and his team faced numerous challenges, especially those unique to young entrepreneurs and the startup journey. According to Utkarsh, Threeway Studio’s primary challenge was to build a strong founding team and ensure timely salary payments (sometimes requiring the founders to forgo their own salaries). These obstacles have only made them stronger.

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Threeway Studios is entirely self-funded, despite receiving numerous offers from venture capitalists and investors. As Utkarsh says, “We are still self-funded and would like to remain so for the time being.” The team, currently consisting of 25 members, has ambitious plans to expand in every direction and increase their headcount to 50 by next quarter. They are actively recruiting across a variety of domains.

Throughout their entrepreneurial journey, positivity, bonding, trust, and grit have been stalwart companions for Utkarsh, Pranshul, and their startup, ensuring success!

Utkarsh and Pranshul’s parents have been the strongest inspiration, and they advise our budding entrepreneurs to “Always keep hustling, try exploring new domains and areas, find synergies, and fill the gaps if there are any!” Further, “Please do not be afraid of any criticism or challenges while building any great stuff. In fact, if you start facing any of them, understand that you are on the right track!” they sign off.

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About Threeway.Studio

Threeway.Studio is a team of vibrant enthusiasts dedicated about establishing Metaverse roots and bridging Web2 to Web3, especially in India. Designers, Engineers, and Marketers help with AR, VR, Blockchain, Consultancy, and more. They have completed various NFT marketplaces and Metaverse projects for global customers.


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