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[Funding alert] Web3 startup Strive raises $500k in pre-seed round

Strive, a Web3 startup in the NFT space, has raised $500,000 in pre-seed funding round from 100X.VC, LetVenture, GrowX Ventures.

Strive, a Web3 startup in the NFT space, has raised $500,000 in pre-seed funding round from 100X.VC, LetVenture, GrowX Ventures.

The round also saw participation from Anupam Mittal (People One), Saurabh Agarwal (founder, Zebpay), Amey Mashelkar (Jiogennext Fund), Sandhya Patel, YPO and others.

The Gurgaon-based Strive was founded in 2021 by Kartik Mehrotra and Swathi Perumala, It aims to launch its own marketplace and exchange to split blue-chip NFTs for retail investors.

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“With the support of our investors, we’re excited to move forward with building an exchange that will make it possible for everyone to invest in blue-chip NFTs. Our goal is to provide access to high-quality NFTs such as BAYC that have traditionally been out of reach for most people in the space. We believe fractionalizing these NFTs can make them more accessible and democratize this space”, said, Kartik Mehrotra, CEO and Co-founder of Strive.

The startup also runs live courses on Web3 to increase literacy among users.

The platform has 75,000+ users who have attended live classes, and globally over 100,000+ Web3 users are on a waiting list to join its NFT marketplace.

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Ninad Karpe, partner, 100X.VC said, “Strive offers a unique yet essential product for retail investors in the crypto market. Strive’s marketplace will help increase the liquidity of NFTs and make it easier for people to buy and sell NFTs in the broader market with an additional focus on risk diversification, faster ROI, and higher buying conviction. We look forward to the platform’s growth in the NFT training and investing ecosystem.”

Sandhya Patel, executive director, Meghmani Pharma, representing YPO, said, “Strive is on a mission to make web3 more accessible to the masses and this is something we deeply support. We have seen them successfully build a large community of over 100k+ web3 learners and are confident in their ability to leverage this community in making NFTs a mainstream asset class for GenZ and millennials.Having already proved themselves in successfully generating $1.3mn from nft sales revenue, we’re excited to see them launch their product this quarter and onboard their existing and new user base. They seem to be well on their way to generate $4m+ in revenue by the end this year positioning them as the leading fractional nft player by earnings and user base. We look forward to continuing to back them in their journey to make nfts an easy investment for the next generation of investors.”

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