From Sheesh Mahal to your walls, a modern contemporary lotus wall panels from an age- old craft technique – Thikri. Hand cut motifs to uplift the luxury of your homes.

Auspicious and a sign of positivity, Ashoka trees embedded on walls for prosperity in your homes.

Why only forts have all the fun, when you can have your own Jharoka with tree full of life shinning bright in your living area.

Sumansaa thikri (mirror work) wall art panel, a captivating fusion inspired by the ‘golden Age’, the time of Rajput and Mughal culture amalgamation.

Let your temple reflect, Inspired from Indian chakras, a temple wall made with thikri craft for a space full of positive energy.

Mandala Wall light, representing our journey as a circle, a circle of life and our connection with memories these brass lines.

A balanced day of sun, moon and its energies, represented through a wall art piece, half shinning like moon and other as rays of sun.

Our nameplates are a reflection of us, the first impression, so why not make it special with our thikri nameplates.

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