Rahul Subramanian is a brand-manager-turned-comedian. 

Currently touring his one hour solo titled Kal Main Udega.  

If you are someone who enjoys humour with a message then Rahul's comedy is made just for you 

only disclaimer being you've to come up with a message of your own as Rahul has none to offer. 

This Mumbai-based comedian has been performing since 2014, as he broke into the scene by winning stand up competitions like Virgin Pants and Canvas Laugh Club  

also the first ever YouTube Comedy Hunt (sketch video competition) along with his friend Kumar Varun for their channel Random Chikibum. 

When he is not doing stand up, or acting in videos by Random Chikibum

you will see him pursuing his hobbies which include seeing, waiting, and getting stuck in traffic, all things that help him write better jokes 

Rahul Subramanian is a stand-up comedian and entertainer from Mumbai. 

Before deciding to pursue stand-up comedy full-time, Rahul Subramanian worked as a brand manager.