Nandita Iyer is a Bangalore based food blogger and columnist. She has been blogging on healthy vegetarian cooking at Saffron Trail since 2006. 

Being medical doctor who has specialised in nutrition, her food reflects her passion for healthy cooking (as it should!) and eating fresh and seasonal. 

Her current pet projects include kitchen gardening, making food videos, learning to play the acoustic guitar and taking delicious looking photos of the food she cooks. 

she also dabbles in soap making using the herbs & flowers from her kitchen garden, for her family and friends. 

Apart from conducting cooking workshops, she loves sharing gyaan on blogging, that she has accumulated over the last ten years. 

Just as it has with Nandita Iyer, a food blogger whose vegetarian recipes have literally traversed nations.

Iyer’s content is very niche, and she says that is exactly what has helped her connect with an audience who speak the same language.

I was only good at making tea and burning cakes in the oven. When I finally started cooking, I was a totally experimental cook, 

throwing a little bit of this and little bit of that in the pan. If the dish turned out good, I had no way of replicating it. 

As a method to the madness and keeping a record of my successful cooking experiments, I decided to maintain a blog, like a digital recipe book for myself.