Lazar Angelov was born in Sofia Bulgaria. He was born on 22 September 1984. 

Before becoming a fitness model and personal trainer Lazar Angelov was a professional basketball player 

he played professional basketball for around 20 years. 

He led his team to multiple wins and he was one of the best side guards. 

At the age of 16, he was selected for the junior basketball team of Bulgaria. He even played for NBA Bulgaria.

After being a professional basketball player at the age of 18 he joined the army and served the army for some time. 

hile played basketball or served in the army one thing remained common that was his love for fitness. 

So due to his love for fitness, he earned a personal trainer certification from National Sports Academy and started in his fitness profession.

He started training people and help them achieve their health goals and getting fit.

His love for strength training and fitness led him to start participating in different bodybuilding competitions.