Kalyan Karmakar BLOGGER most popular  Boost February 7, 1974

Food columnist and blogger whose recipes and reviews on his site Finely Chopped have earned him tens and thousands of followers. 

He is also known to post companion videos to his self-titled YouTube channel. 

He has contributed to a number of food publications including FoodieHub and NDTV. 

His blog is a heaving journal of his tryst with food on a daily basis, both cooked at home and eaten out.

Here’s how he’s carved a full-bodied career as a food and travel blogger, living in Bandra, a suburb in Mumbai. 

moved here at the start of my career after completing my studies in Kolkata, the city where I grew up. I studied sociology and then went on to do an MBA. 

she is a more driven blogger than I am and would encourage me to write when I was a kid. 

I then met Poulomi Chatterjee from Hachette at Ritu Dalmia’s book launch at Rushina Munshaw Ghildayal’s cooking studio in Mumbai.  

One of the surprising things was that at the end of the journey, she did not have stretch marks or any other side effects.