Gaurav Munjal, Co-Founder & CEO at Unacademy 

Gaurav was born in Rajasthan. After studying at St. Xavier College in Jaipur, 

he moved to Mumbai to pursue engineering at NMIMS University. 

With a lifelong enthusiasm for tech, Gaurav Munjal started learning how to code at an early age. 

His passion drove him to create a YouTube channel called Unacademy. In 2010 

Gaurav Munjal posted a brief computer graphics tutorial on YouTube.

Before starting Unacademy, Gaurav co-founded Flatchat, an online housing marketplace in India for college students and recent graduates. 

He founded FlatChat to assist people in finding accommodation. 

Later, in 2015, he sold Flatchat to the real estate portal CommonFloor. 

Gaurav thought that the way education was delivered in previous decades was expensive and ineffective.