CHIRAG BARJATYA  Entrepreneur Founder @thepfcclub

PFC club is an online fitness and health service where my team and I look after your overall well-being 

ProjectFitCo is a transformational fitness organisation.  

We lend a platform to nutritionists and trainers to help reach millions in India and overseas to improve their fitness, health and lifestyle. 

We believe that fitness is not a part of your life, rather, it’s a lifestyle. We want you to build healthy habits 

worked with people who were addicted to weed, alcohol, and cigarettes, but nothing gives me more headaches than working with people who are suffering from anger issues.  

You cannot even ask them to get therapy because they can get angry at such suggestions. 

Clarifying Exercise Addiction: Differential Diagnosis, Co-occurring Disorders, and Phases of Addiction 

Both have 'Dr' in their name. And people tend to believe it quickly because the doctor said so.  

In real life, an orthopaedic I met said whey harms kidneys (which my nephrologist approved)