Actor and content creator Ankush Bahuguna is quite active on various social media platforms. 

He wrote, "That was her side of the bed, & that’s the Janamaz (rug) she prayed on. Aisha, my sister. She left us yesterday leaving this house & our lives empty.  

couldn’t meet her in her last few moments. I was in Mumbai when it happened, got back home just in time for her burial (she followed Islam) to see her.  

How we’re supposed to accept her absence. How life could be so difficult for someone just 36 years old. How someone could be so brave to go through it all with so much sabr.  

She suffered from kidney failure and her body was dependent on dialysis for roughly the last two years. 

Her heart was weak too. Sometimes, she struggled to breathe, literally. She moved in with us in the pandemic," Bahuguna wrote.  

Ankush Bahuguna added, "We shared the room. We’d often be up all night because the severe restlessness in her body won’t allow her to lay still for a minute. 

The last few weeks weren’t easy for her. But she fought every single day until she couldn’t. She wanted to see the hills.  

“Mujhe pahad le chalo, mujhe pahad dekhne hai” that’s all she wanted lately. Travel wasn’t feasible for her." 

I couldn’t take her to the hills, the only thing she wanted. I walk around the house and her voice still rings in my head."