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Upekkha to Invest in 60 Early-Stage B2B SaaS Startups in 2023

Upekkha Value SaaS Accelerator invested in 41 early-stage startups and will invest close to 60 more in 2023.

Upekkha Value SaaS Accelerator invested in 41 early-stage startups and will invest close to 60 more in 2023.

Upekkha, the leading B2B SaaS-specific accelerator which also provides option-friendly pre-seed capital, has invested in 41 startups to date. Currently, UP Funds invests $100K in every Upekkha startup. In 2021, Upekkha invested in 11 Value SaaS startups, and in 2022 the number went up to 30. Upekkha’s intention is to fund 60 businesses in 2023.

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In the last  5 years, Upekkha has helped accelerate 100+ startups and created a strong Value SaaS community of 210+ SaaS founders. Through its mentoring, Upekkha has enabled startups to build profitable capital-efficient, aka Value SaaS businesses that provide high optionality for the founders. Upekkha aims to have founders who control their startup route as they embark on a profitable growth trajectory.

  • 11 of its startups have crossed $1M ARR profitably
  • 7 of them are growing stronger Year on Year after touching $5M ARR
  • Westbridge has already signed as an anchor LP in Q4 2021
  • Leading SaaS evangelists and founders like Phanindra Sama of RedBus, Rohit Bhat, co-founder & managing partner of Airavat Capital, ex-Sequoia, and G2 Crowd CEO Godard Abel, among many others, are LPs in the fund.
  • With 30+ LPs, the fund aims to manage and deploy 6M capital in 2022.
  • 17 of the first 20 startups are cash flow +ve and growing month on month.

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The trademarks of Upekkha startups are – smart fundraising, low burn multiple, founder optionality, solid unit economics, recurring customer capital, capital efficiency, and sustainable profitability. Upekkha’s bouquet of Value SaaS startups is a cash machine for all stakeholders- founders, investors, employees, etc.​Girish Mathrubootham of Freshworks believes, “The Upekkha tribe has built one of the best SaaS founder communities where everyone takes care of each other.”

According to GaragePlug Co-founders Rohit Bhatnagar, Shubhra & Ashish Shrivastav, “Upekkha can help build the ecosystem which will make India the next Silicon Valley. Upekkha is a torch that shows you the path to success and points out the obstacles well in advance while empowering you to fight those obstacles. It can convert your auto to a Ferrari.”

Capital-efficient growth has become the new North Star for SaaS businesses recently. More and more investors are waking up to its virtues. Upekkha, however, has been championing the Value SaaS mantra of capital-efficient growth since its inception 6 years ago.

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Vivek Khandelwal, Founder of iZooto, affirms, “If you are a SaaS business operating out of India and haven’t spoken to the monks at Upekkha, you’re missing out on something big.” Vishnu Rande, the founder of VideoKen, is of the same view – “Every minute spent with the Upekkha team, and the peer group of startups increases our conviction and confidence of helping our customers be successful and, in the process, grow to $1M in ARR and beyond.”

The Indian SaaS ecosystem is ready to take center stage in the global arena. Working towards materializing the trillion-dollar India SaaS opportunity, Upekkha supports early-stage startups to scale with the right growth metrics.

Krish Subramanian of Chargebee feels that “The revenue flywheel model developed by Upekkha is exciting as many early-stage SaaS startups will gain the momentum to reach their first million dollars in revenue quickly with a deep focus on customer value.”

According to G2 Founder Godard Abel, “We at G2 love helping Indian SaaS vendors scale globally together with Upekkha. The Indian SaaS story is going to be a reality soon.” If you want to join the winning camp, the Upekkha Accelerator program has admissions open till the 26th of February.

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Application for Upekkha accelerator program:

If you are an early-stage SaaS founder looking to scale globally, Upekkha offers steep learnings via its 6-month accelerator program, access to 210+ SaaS founder Community and an investment of $100K to help you build your revenue Flywheel. To join our next cohort, APPLY HERE.

About Upekkha

Upekkha is an Accelerator founded in 2017 to help founders craft Value SaaS businesses. Value SaaS strives to build subscription-based businesses striking fast and sustainable growth in a capital-efficient way, with the founder steering in full control. Founders have various options – to chart a path of pull-based growth through institutional venture capital investment, strategic acquisition, or organic hyper-scale. With the help of a global network of 210+ SaaS founders, 11 cohorts of startups have built their Value SaaS flywheel to create the SaaS business of their choice.

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