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Top 20 Best Startups in Gurugram in 2023

Urban Company, Axtria, Lybrate, Vanity Wagon, MakeMyTrip, Paperboat, Shiprocket, Parkzap, Geine Technologies, OnlineTyari, Crepe-fe, Rivigo, Fitso, CityFurnish, CoHo, OYO, Cars24, OfBusiness, RedCarpetUp, and Tripoto are the Top 20 Best Startups in Gurugram in 2023.
Top 20 Best Startups in Gurugram in 2023

Gurugram, which is commonly referred to as Gurgaon, holds the distinction of being the technological and financial hub of our nation. In addition to its vibrant nightlife, Gurgaon has gained prominence for housing multinational corporations and serving as a prominent center for corporate headquarters. With the third-highest per capita income in India, Gurgaon boasts a flourishing economy.

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Moreover, an increasing number of young entrepreneurs are gravitating towards Gurgaon. The city has fostered an entrepreneurial culture and provides excellent opportunities for engaging with foreign investors. Additionally, Gurgaon’s advantageous position facilitates efficient recruitment, making it an ideal destination for thriving startups to prosper and expand.

Here is the list of the Top 20 Best Startups in Gurugram in 2023

Urban Company

Top 20 Best Startups in Gurugram in 2023 | Urban Company

Urban Company, originally known as UrbanClap, was established in 2014 by Abhiraj Singh Bhal, Raghav Chandra, and VarunKhaitan. This platform serves as a connecting link between clients and service professionals, such as cleaners, repair workers, and beauticians, in numerous cities across India.

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With a substantial number of transactions taking place each month, Urban Company supports a multitude of “micro-franchisees,” which refers to offline service workers who can access additional work opportunities through the company. This arrangement allows them to earn higher incomes.

One noteworthy aspect of Urban Company’s model is that service professionals retain 80% of the earnings from their jobs, which establishes a more direct and transparent payment structure. This enables workers to benefit financially from their services and incentivizes their involvement with the platform.


Top 20 Best Startups in Gurugram in 2023 | Axtria

Axtria, established in 2009 by Jaswinder Chadha, is a prominent multinational corporation specializing in cloud-based data management and artificial intelligence (AI) software. The company primarily focuses on assisting firms operating in the health sciences industry to expedite the process of bringing medicines to market. With a significant workforce located in India comprising 75% of its employees, Axtria has a strong global presence.

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Axtria’s mission-critical products play a vital role in improving health outcomes, benefiting millions of patients worldwide. The company is recognized as a unique player in the life sciences AI sector, setting it apart from other firms operating in the same domain. Its innovative solutions and expertise in leveraging AI technology contribute to the advancement of the healthcare industry.


Top 20 Best Startups in Gurugram in 2023 | Lybrate

Lybrate, established in 2013 by Saurabh Arora and Rahul Narang, is a platform with a mission to facilitate the connection between patients and physicians in India. The company focuses on promoting awareness and understanding of fundamental medical procedures within the country.

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One of Lybrate’s notable contributions to the healthcare landscape is the introduction of online lab testing. This innovative service, known as Lybrate Lab+, enables patients to provide their samples from the convenience of their homes, with the test results subsequently shared online.

Lybrate Lab+ currently operates in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru, serving as a convenient and accessible option for individuals seeking diagnostic services. In addition to the lab testing feature, Lybrate offers other services such as doctor-patient management and remote doctor-patient consultations. These offerings further enhance the platform’s ability to provide comprehensive healthcare solutions to its users.

Vanity Wagon

Top 20 Best Startups in Gurugram in 2023 | Vanity Wagon

Vanity Wagon, established in 2018 by PrateekNuhail and NainaNuhail, is a unique marketplace specializing in non-toxic beauty products. It has quickly gained recognition in the clean beauty industry. As consumer demand for clean options in beauty continues to rise, Vanity Wagon stands out amidst competition from major players in the market.

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The company is paving the way for the future of clean and organic personal care products. By ensuring that only toxin-free and natural beauty items are delivered to customer’s doorsteps, Vanity Wagon prioritizes the well-being of its clientele.


Top 20 Best Startups in Gurugram in 2023 | MakeMyTrip

Established in 2000 by Deep Kalra, MakeMyTrip embarked on its journey in the travel industry between the United States and India.

Its primary objective was to offer Indian travelers fast booking services along with a diverse range of options.

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The company aimed to provide a comprehensive selection of top-notch products and services, coupled with state-of-the-art technology and dedicated 24/7 customer support. Throughout the years, MakeMyTrip has revolutionized the travel industry, introducing the convenience of online trip reservations at incredibly affordable prices


Top 20 Best Startups in Gurugram in 2023 | Paperboat

Established in 2009 by Neeraj Kakkar, James Nuttall, Suhas Misra, and NeerajBiyani, Paperboat has emerged as a prominent startup company based in Gurgaon. The company specializes in serving a delightful range of traditional Indian beverages, such as AamPanna and Jaljeera. Additionally, it offers a variety of ethnic snacks including Banana Chips, AamPapad, Bakarwadi, Namak Para, Gur Para, and Shakar Para.

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Paperboat has garnered investments from renowned entities like Trifecta Capital Advisors, Advent International, A91 Partners, Hillhouse Capital Group, and Sofina. The company is renowned for its minimalist and nostalgic product design and marketing approach.


Top 20 Best Startups in Gurugram in 2023 | Shiprocket

Established in 2012 by SaahilGoel and VisheshKhurana, Shiprocket, initially known as Kartrocket, was a company that provided various eCommerce products. One of its notable offerings was ‘Kraftly,’ a website publication and marketing platform designed for small businesses.

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Shiprocket, developed by Bigfoot Retail Solution Pvt. Ltd., is recognized as India’s top logistics software, providing customers with an automated shipping solution. The platform enables efficient product delivery for small sellers, minimizes return-to-origin (RTO) instances, offers customer support, and facilitates online store creation and management through the utilization of artificial intelligence (AI).


Top 20 Best Startups in Gurugram in 2023 | Parkzap

Established in 2015 by Pranay Sharma, Parkzap leverages a range of technologies to create innovative solutions for automated parking and electronic toll collection. This involves the utilization of sensors, microcontrollers, machine learning algorithms, hardware integration, and e-payment systems.

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Parkzap specializes in enabling seamless electronic payments for parking through the use of smartphones. Additionally, the company offers the development of comprehensive cloud-based parking management systems for smart cities, providing real-time information on parking availability.

Geine Technologies

Top 20 Best Startups in Gurugram in 2023 | Geine Technologies

Established in 2000 by PunitMongia, Geine Technologies is a hardware consulting company that specializes in guiding hardware selection and configuration, as well as software applications. The company has an authorized share capital of Rs. 6,000,000 and a paid-up capital of Rs. 6,000,000.

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Geine Technologies offers reliable technical support, consultancy services, and a wide range of advanced solutions to assist clients in advancing their technological capabilities.


Top 20 Best Startups in Gurugram in 2023 | OnlineTyari

Established in 2014 by Vipin Agarwal, RajveerMeena, and BholaMeena, OnlineTyari is a test preparation platform that caters to multiple languages and focuses primarily on government examinations. The platform offers a wide range of study materials, including question banks and practice exams, covering various subjects.

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Additionally, users have the option to participate in the platform’s discussion forum, where they can ask questions or provide answers to queries from other users. Furthermore, individuals or educational publishers can sell their study materials on the website. The OnlineTyari app is available for download specifically for Android users.


Top 20 Best Startups in Gurugram in 2023 | Crepe-fe

Established in 2017 by ShourryaSachdeva, Crepe-fe is a dessert restaurant specializing in the delivery of an extensive selection of sweet treats. The menu features a variety of offerings, including crepes, Belgian waffles, bagels, chocolates, gelatos, and more. The core idea behind Crepe-fe’s inception was to bring the joy of indulging in delectable sweets directly to people’s homes.

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With the increasing number of consumers who enjoy relaxing at home while watching Netflix or spending time on the couch, having access to freshly made, high-quality desserts at home has become an essential part of the modern “having it all” lifestyle.

Additionally, Crepe-fe sets itself apart by prioritizing originality in its cuisine. While primarily focusing on delivery services, the dessert parlor ensures a diverse menu that caters to various tastes and preferences.


Top 20 Best Startups in Gurugram in 2023 | Rivigo

Established in 2014 by Deepak Garg and Gazal Kalra, Rivigo is a logistics company that aims to transform the logistics landscape in India. It operates on a unique relay transportation model combined with advanced technology. Unlike traditional logistics practices where a single driver covers the entire delivery distance with limited rest stops, Rivigo introduces a more efficient approach.

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With Rivigo’s system, clients have complete visibility of the truck’s route, and the company guarantees that a truck can travel between any two points in India in less than three days. This innovative approach enhances efficiency, reduces transit time, and ensures smoother operations within the logistics industry.


Top 20 Best Startups in Gurugram in 2023 | Fitso

Established in 2015 by Saurabh Aggarwal, Fitso is a comprehensive sports facilities provider that has amassed a customer base of over 20,000 individuals in the Delhi NCR (National Capital Region) area. The platform allows users to choose from a variety of sports and book time slots at their nearest sports facility through its website.

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Fitso’s primary objective is to bring standardization to sports facilities across stadiums, fields, and courts by leveraging technology and implementing best practices in facility management. To ensure a positive user experience, Fitso also offers highly qualified coaches to guide and assist users in their sporting endeavors. In a recent development, Fitso was acquired by Zomato earlier this year, further expanding its reach and potential under the new ownership.


Top 20 Best Startups in Gurugram in 2023 | CityFurnish

Established in 2015 by Neerav Jain, CityFurnish, headquartered in Gurugram, has experienced remarkable growth within just three years. Initially serving a few hundred rental subscriptions, the company has now expanded its reach to encompass thousands of customers. This expansion has effectively addressed the furniture requirements of urban Indians, offering them a hassle-free solution for their mobility between cities.

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CityFurnish has strategically established nine fulfillment centers across five different locations in India. Currently, the startup caters to diverse product categories such as home and office furniture, consumer durables, appliances, electronics, and exercise equipment.


Top 20 Best Startups in Gurugram in 2023 | CoHo

Established in 2015 by UdayLakkar and Amber Sajid, CoHo provides an ideal solution for both students and working professionals seeking rental apartments. CoHo offers fully-furnished shared apartments that are ready to move into, ensuring a convenient and hassle-free lifestyle.

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The apartments come equipped with a comprehensive range of amenities, including cleaning services, WiFi, DTH Cable, repairs and maintenance, and more. CoHo’s clientele includes renowned institutions such as IIT Delhi, Pearl Academy, Indian School of Hospitality (ISH), and Max Healthcare, serving both retail and premium segments.


Top 20 Best Startups in Gurugram in 2023 | OYO

Ritesh Agarwal is the founder of OYO, a global platform with a mission to empower entrepreneurs and small businesses in the hospitality industry. OYO achieves this by offering a comprehensive range of technology products and services, enabling increased revenue and streamlined operations.

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The platform focuses on providing customers worldwide with convenient, affordable, and reliable accommodation options. With over 40 integrated products and solutions, OYO serves a vast network of more than 157,000 hotel and home storefronts across 35 countries, including India, Europe, and Southeast Asia.


Top 20 Best Startups in Gurugram in 2023 | Cars24

Cars24 is a company headquartered in Gurugram, India, that specializes in the buying and selling of used cars. It was established in 2015 by Mehul Agrawal, Ruchit Agarwal, and Vikram Chopra. The company’s primary focus is to provide an online platform for retailing used cars. However, it has also expanded its offline operations and currently operates in over 10 cities.

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Cars24 has received investments from several notable entities, including Sequoia Capital, Kingsway Capital, KCK Global, the Global Car Group, Freemark Holdings, and the renowned cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni. These investments have helped the company enhance its growth and establish a strong presence in the Indian used car market.


Top 20 Best Startups in Gurugram in 2023 | OfBusiness

OfBusiness, a fintech startup based in Gurugram, specializes in providing intelligent financing solutions to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The company primarily focuses on lending to SMEs and facilitates unsecured credit of up to Rs 2 crore through its non-banking financial company (NBFC) called Oxyzo Financial Services.

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In addition, OfBusiness has formed strategic partnerships with Tata Capital and AU Small Finance Bank. The startup has received funding from various investors, including Norwest Venture Partners, InnoVen Capital, Creation Investments Capital Management, Kotak Mahindra Bank, and Zodius Capital.


Top 20 Best Startups in Gurugram in 2023 | RedCarpetUp

RedCarpet is a fintech startup that offers a platform for online finance purchases, allowing individuals to conveniently make purchases such as travel tickets and restaurant bills with the option to repay them in interest-free installments. The startup primarily focuses on assisting college students in financing their online purchases.

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By utilizing data science, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning techniques, RedCarpet evaluates the creditworthiness of its target audience and provides instant credit in collaboration with traditional banks and other financial institutions.  RedCarpet has formed partnerships with various e-commerce and internet-based companies, including Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Snapdeal, Book My Show, IRCTC, Make My Trip, and Zomato.


Top 20 Best Startups in Gurugram in 2023 | Tripoto

Anirudh Gupta and Michael Pargal Lyngdoh founded Tripoto in 2013 with the goal of creating the greatest travel community on the planet.

They want to address issues that arise during a travel consumer’s whole lifespan, and the community and user-generated content that make up our product’s core will help us do so.


Gurugram is one of the best options for entrepreneurs to start a startup. The city provides a conducive environment and a very supportive ecosystem for new startups. Presence of an incubator center, access to funding, and a vibrant entrepreneurial community.

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This was our selection of the Top 20 Best Startups in Gurugram in 2023. We hope this is useful to you. The order of this list is random.

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Urban Company, Axtria, Lybrate, Vanity Wagon, MakeMyTrip, Paperboat, Shiprocket, Parkzap, Geine Technologies, OnlineTyari, Crepe-fe, Rivigo, Fitso, CityFurnish, CoHo, OYO, Cars24, OfBusiness, RedCarpetUp, and Tripoto are the Top 20 Best Startups in Gurugram in 2023.