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How UpSkillz is helping students to choose proper career path | Bhawana Singh

Bhawana Singh, founder of UpSkillz

UpSkillz is a bootstrapped edtech start-up founded by Bhawana Singh to upskill the students to get proper guidance regarding their careers.

Bhawana Singh is not only a successful entrepreneur but a person with a lot of passion and skills to overcome the problems thrown in her journey of success.


Being born as an only girl child in an Orthodox family with the mind-set of ‘’Ladkiyan bojh hoti hai’’, as said by Bhawana, she had to fight for her goals and dreams since her childhood with only one mantra in her head,‘’ doing something on her own’’.

When we talk about start-up stories, they are always something epic with the entrepreneur discovering some problem one day, then developing a solution and executing it but Bhawana’s story differs from the typical stories just like her. It started with an unpleasant move-in on the first day of college.

She states that when she was entering the college for her degrees, her life was as normal as any other student’s. She was committing to something which was never in her interest without any guidance and knowledge.

Beginning of UpSkillz

After graduating from there as Electronics Engineer, she got a job in Software Domain which was also not able to hold her interest. She realized that most of the students and even professionals don’t get proper guidance regarding their careers and just have to choose something.

That resulted in the origin of UpSkillz which was started as a hobby to guide the IIT and IIM students and later took a professional turn in 2019. Entrepreneurship is definitely not an easy route; it involves risks and an overwhelming amount of responsibilities on one’s shoulders. Every step needs to be taken cautiously and one mistake can take it all down. These are the main reasons that not many people are engaged in this activity, everyone is not able to balance the work-life involved in it.

“What gets me out of bed in the morning, and why I’m still building a business today, is the excitement of it all. The new idea. The ripe industry. The opportunity to do something that will make an impact, stand out, and push my limits.” She claims.

Those who are willing to take risks and eager to claim a financial reward on their own, don’t give a lot of thought but plunge in to try their hands in entrepreneurship. That’s what makes it worthy for those who want to build something special and believe in themselves enough to do so, despite it being an extremely difficult pursuit.


UpSkillz offers you a platform of interactive FaceTime Bots of industry-specific Experts from top organizations who’ll make you job-ready interviews and for your dream career. UpSkillz currently having 1000+ domain experts, 2000+ aspirants impacted, and 150+ hiring partners.

The UpSkillz Advantage

Challenges in Start-up Journey

Bhawana had to encounter a lot of challenges while starting her business. Societal pressure was her biggest worry because it was degrading her in team formation and raising funds for her new venture. But she overcame these problems and bootstrapped for her start-up, initiating with just Rs. 2000 and composed it so efficiently that now it is 6 figure organization.

It was never a lenient voyage for her. She had to leave her job in Chennai without any proper vision of the future. She did not want to do a simple 9 to 5 job so it was quite a nightmare for her to leave a monthly high salaried job without any thought.

Even after all the hardships, she is proud of what she had done because she built it herself without any guidance and help from others. Currently, UpSkillz is a team of 30 people across India with two co-founders, Bhawana as CEO and Aditya as CTO.

The Covid-19 pandemic proved to be a boon for the company as it helped them build a team across India along with on-boarding the hidden talent of the nation.

Being in the education domain, the main target of the company is Undergraduates and Professionals who are looking forward to making their dream career a reality, who are looking to Upskill themselves. A lot of failures is hidden behind this success, Bhawana confesses, she failed but learned from the mistakes.

Bhawana Singh, founder of UpSkillz
Bhawana Singh, founder of UpSkillz

Success Mantra

Bhawana mantra for success is – “Just do it. If you are not doing it, talk about it. If you are not talking about it, think about it. If you are not thinking, dream about it. Do it persistently.”

Sometimes, it might get hard, but if you wish to be successful then you have to do it.

“Some people see things as they are and ask why. Others dream things that never were and ask why not.” Bhawana has always been a combination of the two. Her curiosity always motivated her to take the next step because no one else was going to tell her. She always had a mission to connect the world’s professionals to help them become more productive, skilled, and successful.

According to the winning entrepreneur, there are 3 principles for people who want to start their journey of entrepreneurship:

  • Build your leadership skills. Be intentional about this, great leadership is a learnedset of skills.
  • Love the process. The way you handle the challenges and find success, where others fail, is what makes you an entrepreneur. Embrace it.
  • Learn everywhere. College is great but we can learn anywhere. Study other people’s successes and failures. Knowledge is what is important so find iteverywhere.

So, do it now!

“I find inspiration in a variety of people and things. Every step of my life. Each person I meet.” She speaks. Her ultimate life inspiration is to make the most of her life.

She wants to free up time, push herself and focus on projects and ventures that bring her joy.

“It works like a compass point, channelling me down certain paths – away from the safe and predictable and into unfamiliar territory that’s aligned with my goals.”

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