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Equirus Appoints Sahil Shah as Chief Investment Officer

Sahil Shah has been appointed as the new Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and Fund Manager of Equirus Long Horizon Fund (ELHF) by Equirus.

Sahil Shah, who has been employed in the financial sector for more than 17 years, has a demonstrated track record of success and a wealth of expertise to contribute to Equirus.

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Before joining Equirus, Shah was a fund manager at Edelweiss Small Cap Fund, where he was responsible for the administration of Rs. 3,300 crores in assets under management (AUM). He was also responsible for co-managing the Midcap and Multicap funds at Edelweiss. Shah is a critical asset to Equirus due to his analytical acumen and experience in managing mutual funds and PMS, notably in the small and mid-cap markets.

Sahil Shah’s comprehensive perspective on the market is further enhanced by his experience as an analyst on the sell side and as a manager of mutual funds and PMS on the buy side. He is a CFA (ICFAI) holder.

Sahil Shah’s responsibilities as CIO will include overseeing the Equirus Long Horizon Fund and administering the Asset Management business. In addition, he will collaborate with other fund managers to provide strategic leadership to other equity funds, which will incorporate investment, research, and management.

Ajay Garg, founder and managing director, Equirus, said:  “We are thrilled to welcome Sahil Shah to the Equirus family. His extensive experience and outstanding track record in fund management are invaluable as we continue to strengthen our asset management business. Sahil’s expertise and strategic vision will play a crucial role in driving the performance of our funds and delivering exceptional value to our investors.”

Sahil Shah, Chief Investment Officer, Equirus, said: “I look forward to leveraging my experience to enhance fund performance and contribute to the continued success of Equirus’s investment offerings.”

About Equirus

Founded in 2007 by Ajay Garg, Equirus Capital, is a mid- market, full-service Financial Services provider, backed by prominent investors.

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