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Cryptx Exchange infuses 7.5 million of their newly launched, proprietary cryptocurrency into noo-gah!

Cryptx Exchange infuses 7.5 million of their newly launched, proprietary cryptocurrency into noo-gah!
Noogah Social Private Limited & Cryptx Exchange
Noogah Social Private Limited & Cryptx Exchange

noo-gah! has exclusively released information through Viestories that new-gen technology companies, Cryptx Exchange & Noogah Social Private Limited have entered into a marketing partnership recently. In order to maintain this marketing partnership, cryptx has paid 7.5M Cryx coins to noo-gah!.

About cryptx

cryptx website dashboard

“We fully understand the disruptive power of opinions and thus believe that noo-gah! will be widely accepted and embraced by the people across the globe. Being the first gamified, opinion-aggregator platform, noo-gah! redefines social media. Simplicity along with innovative rewards and more, makes the influencer dream of every young content creator, easier to achieve. This exclusive partnership between the two futuristic brands will enable *redemption of GEMs (the rewards accrued on noo-gah!) against cryx. Cryptocurrencies are emblematic of long-term growth thus, we are happy to potentially be part of creating wealth”, said, Rinku Pereira, Founder & CEO, Cryptx Exchange.

CryptX is a DeFi platform with its own CEX (Centralized Exchange) & DEX (Decentralized Exchange), Revolutionary NFT Platform and Metaverse. CryptX will be the biggest DeFi platform when it is fully developed with more than 10 brand new features as compared to any of its competitors. The company has also announced its revolutionary NFT platform and metaverse which will be launched by mid-2022 and the first quarter of 2023 respectively.

The aim of CryptX is to bring the value of its cryx coin to a range between $1 & $2 within the first year of coin launch. CryptX is aiming to achieve this by bringing utility to the cryx coin.

noo-gah!, the original gamified opinion-aggregator app was soft-launched recently and has garnered a lot of interest among the young. “It is the young that have always made a dent in the society and we would like to leverage the strength and conviction of their opinions. noo-gah! is an effective & easy to use app, all we need to do is use our phones as a powerful tool for expression and change.” said Nakshatra Sanjai who is a NIFT design student & the co-founder of noo-gah!

noo-gah! website dashboard
noo-gah! website dashboard

“Women can do anything they set their mind to. In the recent past, we have seen many women shatter the glass ceilings. As women, Nakshatra and I would like to urge every woman to voice their opinions fearlessly and unapologetically. Because if we don’t speak-up, nothing will change!” added Latha Sanjai who is the founding director of noo-gah!.

Rewards, be it social badges or cryptocurrencies, are just incentives for people broadcasting their opinions. The real reward is having an unbiased platform to share your opinions, thoughts, ideas and witnessing positive interaction & change first-hand. As an added bonus every noo-gah! member can soon create crypto assets for themselves just by engaging on the app i.e., creating content, building a following and so much more!

Founder CryptX

Rinku Antony Pereira – Founder & CEO at CryptX Exchange, a next generation DeFi Platform. Being an early adopter of technology, he helps companies transform ideas and business plans into reality. As an entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in Information Technology, he has fuelled digital transformations by making daily processes easier for many companies around the globe.

Founders noo-gah!

Sanjai Velayudhan – Founder at Noogah Social Private Limited is a marketer with specialisation in loyalty programs in general & frequent flyer programs in particular. With 23 years of global experience under his belt, he has consulted for many universal brands. A firm believer in engaging target audience with social rewards, he crafted the first gamified opinions platform noo-gah!. The app is enriched by its rewards ‘GEMs’ which will soon be further fortified with redemption possibilities against cryx, the youngest but smartest cryptocurrency.

Nakshatra Sanjai – Co-founder & Director, Noogah Social Pvt Ltd. She is the chief design officer for noo-gah! and heads the overall design & functionality for this new generation app, targeted at the opinionated. At noo-gah!, She represents the voice of the young.

Latha Sanjai-Co-founder & Director, Noogah Social Pvt. Ltd. She is the chief operating officer with the widest portfolio of everyday operations to manage. She comes with extensive experience in India & the Middle east.

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Currently available in India & Middle East on Play Store & App Store.

*A formal announcement regarding this redemption will be made soon so, keep accruing GEMs.


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