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Top 10 Innovative and Unique Small Business Ideas in Kashmir 2024

Small and Unique Business Ideas in Kashmir
Small and Unique Business Ideas in Kashmir

Thinking about starting a business but confused about what to start, where, and how to begin? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Explore these top 10 business ideas in Kashmir for 2024, and find the perfect opportunity to kickstart your journey in this beautiful region.

Kashmir is known as “Paradise on Earth“. It is known for its stunning natural beauty, pleasant climate, and rich cultural heritage. It is located in the northern part of India. Kashmir has a unique significance dating back to ancient Vedic times also.

Small and Unique Business Ideas in Kashmir
Small and Unique Business Ideas in Kashmir

How Kashmir Can Be a Great Place to Start Your New Business:

We will see how Kashmir can be a great place to start your new business. We will see about the importance of small businesses here, about Kashmir’s people, their spending habits and potential for new businesses in Kashmir.

Today, it is appearing as a hub for new and innovative businesses because of its developing infrastructure and supportive government policies.

Importance of Small Businesses in Kashmir

Small businesses play an important role in the economy of Kashmir. They not only create employment opportunities but also preserve the region’s traditional crafts and industries. From tourism to agriculture, a  wide range of businesses exist here by benefiting from the area’s unique resources and market demands.

Understanding Kashmiri People and Their Spending Habits

The people of Kashmir are known for their rich cultural heritage and strong community bonds. They have a growing purchasing power and a good interest in quality products and services. The potential for new businesses is huge here especially those that cater to the local tastes and preferences.

Potential for New Businesses in Kashmir

Kashmir offers a fertile ground for various small and new businesses. The combination of a supportive local population with an attractive tourist destination and unique local resources makes it an ideal place for entrepreneurs.

Small Business Ideas in Kashmir

We have compiled some unique business ideas for you. Read the article to know more. 

1. Dry Fruits Business

Kashmir is famous for its high-quality dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, and apricots. Starting a dry fruits business involves sourcing local produce, packaging, and marketing it to both local and international markets.

2. Kashmiri Handloom Business

Kashmiri handlooms like  shawls and woollen wear are famous worldwide. Investing in a handloom business can include designing, weaving, and selling these beautiful and traditional items.

3. Cloud Kitchen Business

There is a problem of good homemade food for travellers, you can consider this business idea in Kashmir. Also with the rise of online food delivery, the cloud kitchen can be a profitable venture. 

4. Trekking, Hiking, and Camping Activity

Kashmir’s beautiful landscapes make it a perfect destination for outdoor activities. You can offer services like trekking, hiking, and camping tours that can attract adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers.

5. Adventure Activities Business

Kashmir is ideal for adventure sports such as river rafting, paragliding, mountain biking, skiing, and mountaineering. Starting a business around these activities can attract tourists who are searching for thrilling experiences.

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6. Guest House, Homestay, Hostels

The hospitality industry in Kashmir is growing which makes it a great business idea in Kashmir. You can provide comfortable and affordable accommodation options like guest houses, homestays, or hostels that can cater to the increasing number of tourists.

7. Kashmiri Handicrafts Business

Kashmiri handicrafts like  Papier-Mâché, Carpets, and Wooden Carvings are highly valued. Starting a business to produce and sell these crafts can preserve the local art and provide a steady income. It is among the cool business ideas in Kashmir.

8. Apple and Strawberry Farming

You all know very well that Kashmir is known for its delicious apples and strawberries. Investing in fruit farming can give you high returns due to the local climate and soil conditions. It is among the best business ideas in Kashmir.

9. Lavender Cultivation

Lavender cultivation is gaining popularity in Kashmir due to its attractive returns and suitability to the local climate. It is really among great and unique business ideas in Kashmir. The aromatic plant can be used for essential oils, cosmetics, and more. You can earn a great profit.

10. Mushroom Cultivation

Mushroom farming is a low-investment and high-return business idea. The climate of Kashmir is perfect for growing various types of mushrooms. It is a profitable business idea in Kashmir.

Investment Requirements: 

The investment required for these businesses can vary. For instance:

BusinessInitial Investment (₹)Description
Dry Fruits Business₹5-10 lakhsProcurement and packaging costs for selling dry fruits.
Kashmiri Handloom Business₹10-15 lakhsSetting up looms and acquiring raw materials for handloom products.
Cloud Kitchen₹5-8 lakhsInvestment in kitchen setup and initial marketing for a cloud kitchen business.
Adventure Activities₹15-20 lakhsEquipment and safety measures required for adventure tourism activities.
Guest Houses₹20-30 lakhsStarting costs for establishing guest houses, varying based on property and location.
Handicrafts₹5-10 lakhsInvestment in raw materials and skilled labor for creating handicraft products.
Fruit Farming₹10-15 lakhsLand and saplings expenses for fruit farming.
Lavender and Mushroom Cultivation₹5-10 lakhsCosts associated with land preparation and seeds/spores for lavender and mushroom cultivation.

The market size for these businesses is substantial with a growing demand locally and globally. It offers lucrative opportunities for exporters.


Starting a small business in Kashmir in 2024 can be a rewarding business. 

We have compiled this with our best to help you out to select appropriate business in Kashmir. Hope you like this. You can consider these ideas but remember to research every important point like understanding the local market and investing your money wisely in your selected business. Remember every big journey starts with a small step.

Kashmir’s unique resources with supportive local community and growing tourism industry provide a fertile ground for various innovative business ideas.

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FAQs – Small Business in Kashmir

1. What are the best business ideas in Kashmir?

The best business ideas in Kashmir include Dry Fruits Business, Kashmiri Handloom Business, Cloud Kitchen Business, Adventure Activity Business, Trekking Hiking and Camping Activity Business, Guest House, Homestay, Hostels, and Kashmiri Handicrafts Business, Apple and Strawberry Farming, Lavender Cultivation and Mushroom Cultivation.

2. What points should we consider while starting a new business in Kashmir?

Research about the local market demand, availability of resources, initial investment, and the potential for new businesses before starting a new business in Kashmir.

3. How can one fulfil the funding requirement?

Funding can be fulfilled through personal savings, loans from banks, government schemes, and investments from venture capitalists.

4. What formalities need to be fulfilled to start a new business in Kashmir?

You need to register your business, obtain necessary licences and permits, comply with local regulations, and ensure proper tax registration.

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