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Best Coworking Startups in India 2024

The Hive, Cowrks, IndiQube, Investopad, Workafella, 91 Springboard, Skootr, Spring House Coworking, GoodWorks & Smartworks are the Top 10 Best Coworking Startups in India in 2024.
The Hive, Cowrks, IndiQube, Investopad, Workafella, 91 Springboard, Skootr, Spring House Coworking, GoodWorks & Smartworks are the Top 10 Best Coworking Startups in India in 2024.
The Hive, Cowrks, IndiQube, Investopad, Workafella, 91 Springboard, Skootr, Spring House Coworking, GoodWorks & Smartworks are the Top 10 Best Coworking Startups in India in 2024.
Top 10 Best Coworking Startups in India in 2024

Indian startups and freelancers are increasingly coworking. These coworking spaces offer professionals flexible work options in a collaborative and dynamic environment. The gig economy and Indian startups have increased coworking space demand. This article will examine the key players, trends, and challenges facing India’s coworking startup industry as it grows and evolves. In this post, We’ll talk about the Top 10 Best Coworking Startups in India in 2024.

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Flexible or shared workplaces have expanded significantly in India over the past ten years. Coworking spaces are one of the most well-liked alternatives for flexible workspaces.
Coworking space for startups in India is a fully formed industry with occupants from enterprises of all types and sizes. It is no longer just a place where freelancers congregate to work. Everyone is going towards a culture built on remote work from coworking spaces, to startups to big corporations.

Top 10 Coworking Space Companies in India

Here is the list of the Top 10 Best Coworking Startups in India in 2024.

The Hive

 The Hive - Coworking Startups in India
The Hive – Coworking Space Startups in India

Emerging startups and creative professionals can access exceptional food and beverage, entertainment, hospitality, and retail experiences at The Hive, an international coworking space in India.

This coworking space is known for blurring the lines between professional and social life, and its Work-Play-Grow philosophy promotes the personal growth and development of employees alongside their professional lives.

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Individuals who opt for Hive’s Hot Spots can access any workspace within the common areas. Dedicated Desks offer a reserved space in a shared workspace and a personal locked cabinet, which is one of the additional benefits of The Hive’s coworking space. Teams can also choose private, fully furnished lockable cabins.

For organizations with 50 or more members, The Hive offers customized offices that align with their brand and culture, making it highly flexible.

Cowrks – Hyderabad (SkyView)

Cowrks – Coworking Startups in Hyderabad (SkyView) India

CoWrks Skyview is a spacious co-working space in India that caters to both enterprises and startups. Located in HITEC City, it provides the advantage of being situated near Hyderabad’s most sought-after IT and business hub.

Businesses can completely customize their workspace within a business-friendly time frame to meet their specific needs. This co-working space offers brands and privacy without any hassle. Small teams, startups, freelancers, and independent consultants can choose from vibrant shared spaces that come with a storage unit and a dedicated desk.

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One of India’s biggest office owners, Brookfield Properties, operates and manages COWRKS. It has 47 million square feet under management in important gateway areas. The Flexible desk package provides workspace within CoWrks’ elegantly designed community lounge for traveling consultants, early-stage startups, freelancers, and small teams. Fast-growing firms, mid-size enterprises, and unicorn startups can opt for the Private Suite, which provides complete privacy, ease of scalability, a distraction-free environment, and premium facilities. CoWrks Skyview is an ideal option for those looking for a flexible and professional workspace that meets their unique business requirements.

IndiQube – Noida

IndiQube – Coworking Space Startups in Noida India

IndiQube is a rapidly emerging coworking space company in India. Their Noida branch, IndiQube Logix, has been specifically designed to cater to growth-oriented startups and companies. The coworking space fully complies with all regulatory norms and certifications, offering beautifully designed workspaces that promote increased productivity.

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Noida is a hub for diverse corporations, providing ample business opportunities for B2B startups and small businesses. IndiQube Logix boasts an array of amenities, including a Business Telephone System (EPABX), incubation and business center, floor pantries, call-out maintenance services, visitor management systems, preventive maintenance services, reception Boardroom, executive lounge, training facilities, communication connectivity, security measures, an entrance lobby and power backup throughout the park. IndiQube Logix is an excellent option for businesses looking for a coworking space that provides premium amenities and an environment that supports growth and productivity.

Investopad – Gurugram

Investopad – Most vibrant coworking spaces in Gurugram India

Investopad is one of the most vibrant coworking spaces in India, with regular events being held for its members. Its community is strengthened by select member groups and message boards that facilitate interaction and collaboration among members.

Additionally, members gain access to the handpicked network called Crosstalk, which is composed of domain experts, investors, and industry leaders. Investopedia provides fast and reliable internet through Direct Leased lines, and a broadband line is also available as a backup. The workspace is equipped with whiteboards, projectors, printers, and scanners, ensuring that all essential office supplies are available.

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Meeting rooms can be booked at no extra cost, both formal and casual. The fully functional kitchen is stocked with all the necessary appliances to prepare a hot meal.

Workafella – Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

Workafella – Coworking Startups in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, India

Workafella is a rapidly growing coworking space in India that offers a range of facilities, including telecommunication equipment, meeting rooms, cafes, workstations, and furnishings. Their serviced office space provides businesses with convenient access to these amenities.

Workafella’s private office space also grants access to meeting rooms, lifestyle benefits, social hubs, and Workafella events, along with in-house logistics. One unique aspect of Workafella is its ability to customize office floors to suit a firm’s specific business goals. Their talented team of interior designers and architects work closely with businesses to create an authentic and unique workstation.

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Workafella is a dynamic ecosystem that develops superior thinking and smooth productivity. We’re committed to giving you the best tools possible since we think that productivity is a luxury. For those who prefer flexibility, Workafella offers a Hot Desk package that allows subscribers to access their facilities on a daily or hourly basis. They also provide virtual office packages that offer curated one-stop solutions to meet your business needs and reduce your stress.

91 Springboard – Yerwada, Pune

One of the largest coworking spaces in India is 91 Springboard at Yerwada, which has a gigantic area of 50,000+ square feet. It has seating for more than 1,100 people and provides connectivity to Pune's most important business districts and attractions.
91Springboard – One of the largest coworking spaces in Yerwada, Pune India

91Springboard was founded in 2012. One of the largest coworking spaces in India is 91 Springboard at Yerwada, which has a gigantic area of 50,000+ square feet. It has seating for more than 1,100 people and provides connectivity to Pune’s most important business districts and attractions.

There is convenient access between this coworking space and the Pune University and the train station. Just 3.7 kilometers separate you from the airport! In particular, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startups with creative attitudes are the target audience for 91springboard. Enhancing employees’ enjoyment and comfort at work aids in the growth of enterprises.

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By giving users access to important service providers, round-the-clock office infrastructure assistance, credits, and networking opportunities, it serves as a fertile environment for creativity.

Skootr- Gurugram

Skootr- Coworking Startups in Gurugram India

Skootr Cyber City Center is located in one of the most prominent corporate business complexes in India and is conveniently located close to National Highway 8. This makes Scooter one of the best co-working spaces in India. With Scooter, firms need not worry about the hassle of setting up a new office as they can opt for shared workspaces.

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Skootr’s private offices are highly flexible and can easily meet the expansion needs of businesses. The workspace solutions provided by Scoot are designed to personalize the brand values and deliver a class-different workspace experience. With Scoot, companies can look forward to a premium co-working experience that meets their unique needs.

Spring House Coworking – Janakpuri

Spring House Coworking – Coworking Startups in India

Located near the Janakpuri East metro station, Spring House Coworking in Janakpuri offers fully furnished Private Cabins with essential printing and mail services. Open Seats are also available for small teams and individuals who want flexible or permanent spots with coworkers around.

The Day Access pass plan allows individuals to enjoy all the amenities of this coworking space for a day. The meeting rooms at Spring House encourage new ideas, while the event spaces are ideal for networking meet-ups, workshops, or product launches.

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Spring House also offers virtual offices, which are perfect for outstation organizations and freelancers, making it easy to maintain a presence in Janakpuri through business communications and mail-handling services.

GoodWorks – Electronic City

GoodWorks – Coworking Startups in India
GoodWorks – Coworking Startups in India

In India, GoodWorks is a well-known coworking space for startups and small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), particularly its location in Electronic City. It is conveniently located close to a metro station, and the coworking area offers a great environment where startups can collaborate with Fortune 500 companies.

Dedicated Desks from GoodWorks are available with both team and individual storage units. Hot Desks are offered with monthly, daily, or hourly payment options for those who value flexibility. Its AI-driven technology and hospitality services, which produce a distinctive experience for their event spaces, are what distinguish GoodWorks.

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Additionally, businesses can request specially designed offices, a service that is uncommon among India’s top coworking spaces. Additionally, GoodWorks offers end-to-end services for Shared Managed Offices, allowing companies to concentrate on growth without worrying about daily operations. Conference rooms, studio offices with glass walls, and virtual offices are additional options.


Smartworks – co-working space for Startups

By building state-of-the-art workstations, Smartworks co-working space for startups hopes to revolutionize India’s traditional workplace culture. Their coworking space solutions are designed to meet the changing needs of organizations and are technologically advanced and reasonably priced.

SmartWorks offers a wide range of value-added services including access to seminars, workshops, community events, and other activities to ensure that their co-workers have the best possible experience. They stand out from their competitors and establish solid business bonds with their customers because of their commitment to prioritizing the needs of their members, which makes them an exclusive coworking space provider in India.

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This was our selection of the Top 10 Best Coworking Startups in India in 2024. We hope this is useful to you. The order of this list is random.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which are the Top 10 Best Coworking Startups in India in 2024?

The Hive, Cowrks, IndiQube, Investopad, Workafella, 91 Springboard, Skootr, Spring House Coworking, GoodWorks & Smartworks are the Top 10 Best Coworking Startups in India in 2024.

What are coworking spaces?

Coworking spaces are shared office spaces where multiple individuals or organizations work together in a common environment.

What are the benefits of coworking spaces?

Coworking spaces provide affordable office space, accessibility to a community, chances to network, flexibility, and other resources.

How can I choose the right coworking space for my startup?

Consider factors like location, cost, amenities, community, and culture when selecting a coworking space.

What are the top coworking startups in India?

Some of the top coworking startups in India include The Hive, Cowrks, IndiQube, Investopad, Workafella, and 91 Springboard.


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