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Wingman acquired by Valley-based company, Clari

Wingman acquired by Valley-based company, Clari

Amid the global slowdown in technology markets and increased focus on revenue precision aka staying afloat, Wingman is all set to announce a global business milestone today – its acquisition by a Valley-based company, Clari.

Clari is the leader in revenue collaboration and governance, providing the only enterprise platform to run the most important business process: revenue. Clari’s revenue platform connects all revenue-critical employees, processes and systems to drive a breakthrough in revenue precision. Clari has just unveiled its revenue collaboration and governance framework to help executives confidently answer the most important question in business: Are we going to meet, beat, or miss on revenue?

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The acquisition of Wingman, a leader in conversation intelligence, gives the combined company the unprecedented ability to analyze customer and employee conversations, extract valuable AI-driven insights, and reliably predict all revenue outcomes.

The news comes at a time when addressing revenue leak is an increasing priority for global enterprises as they strive to secure their revenue streams and quickly reduce the negative impact of an economic slowdown.

Revenue leak (sales earned, but not realized) is the biggest “hiding in plain sight” problem in business—estimated by Boston Consulting Group to comprise over $2 trillion a year in missed revenue capture, sales waste, and lost enterprise value. On average, companies leak 14.9% of their revenue, according to Clari data science teams. Clari Labs researchers identified over $26B in revenue leak occurring per year across some 550 customers prior to using a Revenue Platform, causing material drag on sales, growth, earnings, and company value.

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The acquisition itself represents a major step forward for startups that are incubated in India and serve the US and global markets. It also highlights the opportunities available to startups based in India, even as global tech markets are seeing a slowdown marked by layoffs and shutdowns.

It also highlights the maturity of talent and expertise available in the deep technology space in India. World-class products are being built on Indian shores (reverse brain drain).

Wingman was founded in 2018 and was part of the prestigious YCombinator accelerator program. It has seen many milestones such as (see graphic in folder)

  • Rated 4.6/5 on G2 by our 200+ customers
  • Gartner Cool Vendor™ in conversation intelligence for B2B sales (2021)
  • Among G2’s Top 50 sales products (2022)
  • Doubled ARR in the last six months
  • Recorded and analyzed 40 years worth of calls 
  • Trusted by companies such as Vendasta (expanding globally), Oktopost (raised $20M in series A), Chargebee (raised $250M in series H) and Atlan (raised 50M in series B).
  • All while building a culture that’s our hallmark — rated 4.9 on Glassdoor

“When we first began to explore a partnership with Clari, we could clearly see a mutual focus on helping our customers win, in addition to having shared values and culture. We are thrilled to have become part of the Clari family and cannot wait to build the future of technology for revenue teams,” said Shruti Kapoor, co-founder and CEO of Wingman.

About Wingman

Wingman is an actionable conversation intelligence platform that unlocks insights from every sales interaction. It helps sales teams drive revenue home by closing the gap between knowing what wins a deal and actually doing it. Sales teams at Chargebee, Vendasta and Oktopost trust Wingman to gather insights from all their sales interactions and drive revenue home. Powered by AI and crafted with love.



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