Apna Godam is a post-harvest solution company working mainly in the non-perishable category.

By utilising Aibono’s farming technology and intelligence, farmers can increase their yields.

The goal of the agritech company Agrowave is to make it easier for farmers to reach markets and create sustainable supply chain management.

BigHaat is an online forum where farmers may exchange information and learn about all aspects of agriculture.

BharatAgri offers guidance to farmers on the commodity they want to grow as well as assistance with the crop itself.

The goal of Crofarm, an innovative agritech company, is to reduce food waste by enhancing distribution systems.

By the use of a mobile platform, the Ergos platform makes it easier for farmers and owners of cold storage units to communicate.

As the name implies, Farm2Fam distributes organic food directly to consumers.

Intello Labs uses AI and computer vision to assess the quality of agricultural commodities. 

A leading provider of agricultural supply chains in India is Ninjacart.