Jay Kapoor The founder of Gbox Founder and Content Creator 

Since he was 14 years old, Jay Kapoor has started producing content.

'Acha Laga, Share Karo!' is a lifestyle-focused newsletter with more than 10,000 readers. 

466K followers on Instagram Instagram handle @jaykapoor.24

In addition, he offers IT solutions in his articles.

Creating content to spark curiosity every day!  

I have been a tech junkie all my life. From uploading a voiceover tutorial to multiple content ventures in different avenues   

sharing the best and most valuable things on the internet has been a constant mission. 

also like to build products. I've built multiple hit products including Flash Sale Helper, Loot Alert App, etc    

Infotainment Influencer Jay Kapoor talks about the ‘Money Mistakes you should avoid early in your life.’