Sweety Mishra is a social media star and dancer and creator. It remains in the headlines among the people due to its superb acting 

Sweety Mishra was born on 24 May 2001 in Surat, Gujarat. According to the information received, Sanju’s father is a businessman 

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Sweety Mishra was very interested in dancing since childhood, seeing the dance knowledge 

she was getting through television, she started walking on the path of making herself a dancer. 

Sweety Mishra has been very different from the rest of the children since childhood,  

she has also been reprimanded by her parents many times due to her mischief, due to which she has a very happy mood. 

Sweety Mishra is a talented video creator whose lip sync videos have become a rage on the platform. 

She consistently shares popular dialogues and famous Bollywood songs with her fans.