Susan Thomas, the director of NIFT Bangalore, offers students the most useful advice based on real-world applications. 

She is an influential woman with a deep passion for both the advancement of education and women’s liberation. 

A woman of grit, perseverance and absolute inspiration—meet Susan Thomas. Susan is a former Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer  

the director of the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Bengaluru. 

There is a complete lack of appreciation of the multi-tasking that a woman does. It becomes important for us to talk and make noise in a respectful manner. 

There is no need to be militant about it (feminism) unless the situation demands it, but having a conversation with a man about these issues will help them step back and reassess their mindsets. 

As someone who had disowned a long-lived dream of joining the government out of utter disillusionment and college-learnt dismay towards 

 peers and I saw it, “the colonial, feudal institution of bureaucracy”, I follow the administrator’s 2020 TEDx talk half-sceptical, half-irresolute. 

We love to hate all that is from the government, and we love to hate the sarkaari babu.”