Shashank Udupa l Financial Expert, Digital Content Creator and Co-Founder and CFO at Scenes by Avalon

Founder of tech company Avalon, Shashank Udupa is a finance wizard who shares the millennial approach of investing with his followers.    

Udupa is a former investment banker from India Infoline and has also worked with FoxBound, Calm India, ENKIDU.

His experience with investment banking and running his own company has led him to 

become one of the leading experts in the field of money management. 

Shashank holds a masters’ degree and started his career as an investment banker.  

He is a passionate entrepreneur with an unparallel success record.   

He is the founding member of Avalon Labs, and Avalon Meta – a ‘FREE’ platform where people can learn skills from top professionals. 

But he has an even greater mission – making the youth of India finance-savvy and helping them achieve financial freedom.  

His target ‘student’ is the youth of the country who are at their early phase of earning and investing.