Shadab Ali Khan is a popular social media influencer, artist, and YouTuber.

He consistently posts short engaging videos on the platform about couple goals, lifestyles, and random vlogs.

Shadab Ali Khan became famous for his unique ideas on daily vlogs.  

His innovative skill helped him garner 4M followers with an engagement rate of 1.50% which is excellent. 

He has tremendous acting skills and hence all his videos seem flawless. His song “Ruhani” by Prateek Gandhi 

which was released a few weeks ago was very well received with the audience.  

He got tons of positive reviews along with his co-star Sana Sultan. 

The song has now reached 2 million views on Youtube! 

Shadab shares a deep bonding with his fans and hence does not hesitate to share about his personal life with them. 

His breakup with actress Muskaan Sharma created a gloomy atmosphere and many felt sad for the couple.