Santosh Jadhav, a farmer from Sangli, Maharashtra, often informs his fellow farmers about different farming ways and pipe irrigation systems ideal for vegetables.  

Santosh Jadhav, or the Indian Farmer, grows seasonal fruits and vegetables like Zucchini, Chilies, Broccolis, strawberry melons etc. 

What started as a passion project for the sheer love of agriculture whilst tackling day-to-day issues in the farming sector 

Indian Farmer has been extensively covered and appreciated by several media houses such as Times of India, Dainik Jagran, Economic Times, and Zee News. 

Indian Farmer has certainly revolutionised thousands of minds as they strive to change & shape people’s perspectives on agriculture as a profession, in this day and age. 

Santosh’s easygoing manner and upbeat, heartfelt presentation is sure to draw you in. 

The channel has certainly made a mark, as the numbers show. Since2018, the duo’s channel has built a 21.5-lakh-strong subscriber base,aided by the cheap cellular-data revolution 

There was very little by way of books or soft culture channels that addressed the needs, lapses and scarcities of farmers. 

Santosh,whom millions tune in to watch doling out agricultural advice, talks about how his family was less than pleased 

Santosh make a success of his farm serves as a positive example, instead of the victim-narrative through which farming is largely viewed.”