Sagar Dodeja created Civil Beings, a non-profit social media channel that has been helping people gain knowledge for free 

While there are multiple centres that take up career guidance and counselling for a hefty sum 

Sagar Dodeja has used social media to create a non-profit platform called Civil Beings that provides tips that are useful 

practical and relevant to drive people towards the path of success. 

He has been working tirelessly to increase the financial literacy of youth by creating videos that are simple to understand  

he has witnessed the flawed education system that exists in the nation and is only accessible to wealthy individuals. 

He is a career mentor to many and, as an educator, he has been able to provide his services to students 

He himself has held AIR 1 in GATE and UPSC exams, which makes him a face of credibility but one that has been focussing on uplifting the careers of other people. 

On his YouTube channel, which goes by the name “Civil Beings,” Sagar posts informative and instructive videos that positively impact the careers of millions of students worldwide