One of the largest IT service providers in the world, Tata Consultancy Services employs more than 6 lakh people

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Jamsetji Tata founded the largest steel-producing corporation in the world, Tata Steel Limited

Jaguar Land Rover is a luxury automobile company owned by Jaguar Land Rover and Tata Motors

Tata Motors produced sports cars, vans, trucks, and even military vehicles

One of India's largest chemical producers, Tata Chemicals, makes chemicals used in business, and agriculture

Tata Power works in the fields of production, transmission, and distribution of energy

Tata Consumer Products is a consumer products platform with over 3000 employees.

Trent Limited, a company that deals in clothes, was established in 1998

Services offered by Indian Hotels Company Limited include hotels, resorts, spas, and safaris

business portfolio of Gautam Adani