Nirmal was born and raised in Tiruchirappalli, Kerala, India. He has attended the National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli and has received a bachelor’s degree in architecture. 

Later he worked as a product designer in Archcult, Dentsu as well. Further, he also served as creative director. 

Nirmal Pillai, known as mahlyf_mahrulez, is his Instagram handle. He used to make 1min videos even before reels came into the picture.  

The introductory video gave him hype about how to be Bangalorean and Chennai.  

Later started to collaborate with Abhishek, which took another point. He was a theater artist. 

His way of comic sense is unique as he grasps the things on the spot in conversation with the audience.

He started his entertainment journey to do what he loves to do, which can entertain people. 

as he grew in the field of the internet with a viral video, he started to have his stands like the show or something. Hence the venture of standup comedians started. 

He also has a YouTube channel where he posts vlogs, funny content, short videos, collaborations with comedians 

His most viral one was a collaborated video with Abhishek Kumar, “Famous sounds of Chennai