Neetu L Bisht was born on 16 December 1997 in Delhi. 

Neetu L Bisht also has a sister. Neetu L Bisht did his school and college education while staying in Delhi. 

Neetu L Bisht was very fond of acting and modeling since childhood.  

It has recently appeared in a video of India’s top YouTuber Amit Bhadana named “class ki toper or backbenchers” 

Whenever a play was organized in this school, she would definitely participate in it.  

Neetu L Bisht is a fashion, lifestyle, and travel vlogger. She is a famous model 

Neetu L Bisht is a well-known social media personality. She gained her recognition through TikTok first but then quickly switched to Instagram 

The gorgeous beauty has 2.9M followers with an engagement rate of 1.56% which is quite high.  

Neetu L Bisht is talented as a digital creator. Her innovative ideas for the concept and good video editing skills make her reels more entertaining 

From her dressing style to the posting of her videos, nothing is similar to what you find on the platform. She is unique and this is why her fans love her style.