Nagma Mirajkar  Date of Birth 24 January 1992 (Friday) Birthplace Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Nagma Mirajkar is a top social media influencer in India. 

She has over 6.6 million followers on Instagram and is the founder of the blog, “Nagma’s World.” 

Mirajkar was born in Mumbai, India. She attended Rizvi College, where she studied English literature and psychology. 

Later she studied at Columbia University in New York City. 

Mirajkar began her career as a fashion model before working as a freelance stylist for various publications and brands. 

Now, she collaborates with various brands and is highly in-demand amongst brands due to her amazing engagement rate or connect with the audience. 

She is also one of the founders of atrangz, a dancing society as she is really of fond of dancing 

as well and is one of the best as said by her fans. 

Her reels appear in the trending section all the time due to the quality she reflects