Mr Arpit Chadha serves as the vice-chairman of The Education Group, which is recognised as one of India’s most successful education groups. 

He thinks an ever-evolving development in educational practises is necessary for light of the recent swift and insightful revolution. 

This leading educational group in India has been around for 25 years, known as I.T.S.

They offer various courses, all of which contribute to meeting the aspirations and objectives of young, talented professionals.  

Dilraj Singh was fond of experimenting with everything since childhood. Making this hobby into a passion, then he started YouTube videos with friends 

This group is establishing new standards in higher education by concentrating on delivering high-quality education 

Mr Chadha is providing the leadership necessary to make this happen.  

Given that education is among the fundamental rights that require significant attention, one of the organisation’s primary focuses is to assist the less fortunate members of society. 

r Arpit is recognised as one of the most important figures in the Indian education field due to the many national and international conferences