Mumbai-based YouTuber Mohammed Salim Khan lives to hit the highway. 

Mohammed Salim Khan aka MSK is a famous YouTuber as well as social media influencer. 

He enjoys uploading content about his life, travel, bike ride and so much more. 

Through his vlogs, he gives us virtual tours of different places and his content is loved by millions of people. 

With solo bike trips to the mountains on the rise, 'what to wear' is one of the biggest questions  

So here's a guide to comfortable clothing while going on a solo bike ride to the mountains. 

According to MSK, another alternative to these would be to carry separate knee and shin guards.  

"For some, wearing these guards over their denim pants is not comfortable as it interferes with the movement of your joints.  

some riding pants are waterproof, so you get protected from rains as well.  

These motorcycle protective pants from Rynox go a long way and you can wear them for years."